Tips for Choosing Quality Eggs

In many households, cooking using eggs is a regular habit. Choosing eggs from healthy hens is crucial whether you’re preparing a cake or making scrambled eggs. You can tell an egg’s quality before using it in a recipe by adhering to a few easy rules.

What Color the Yolk Is
The yolk of most eggs is yellow, which is frequently indicative of a healthy egg. On the other hand, the diet of the chicken might affect the yolk’s color.

Store-bought versus free-range

Free-range and commercially bred hens are the two primary categories of chickens. The yolks of eggs from store-bought birds are usually yellow. Although this color is often seen as favorable, there is another, even more desirable sign of a healthy egg.

Vibrant Orange Yolk

One excellent indicator that the bird has been fed a diet high in vitamins and nutrients is a brilliant orange yolk. This bright color suggests that the chicken has lived a healthy life, which translates into an egg of higher caliber. Thus, keep in mind that orange is the new yellow when it comes to yolks!

Beware of Dark Yolks

If you find a dark-colored yolk, it can indicate that the chicken isn’t getting enough nutrients from its diet. Although eating eggs with black yolks isn’t always dangerous, it’s usually preferable to select eggs with brighter yolks to make sure you’re getting the most amount of nutrients.


You may choose eggs for your recipes more wisely if you pay attention to the yolk’s color. Thus, keep in mind that a vibrant orange yolk indicates healthier chicken and an improved-tasting dish the next time you crack open an egg!

Watch this educational video for additional advice on selecting nutritious eggs:


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