Reasons Why Guys Bring Up Their Ex-Girlfriend in Your Conversation

1. As an illustration

He’s hoping you’ll be a better partner than his previous one.

He might be evaluating you and the relationship he ended in an attempt to reflect on the past.

He makes comparisons with you to either encourage you to improve in the relationship or to acknowledge your improvement as a person.

Guys will make you keep up to date by talking about their ex’s positive traits.

On the other hand, if you give a guy the edge he didn’t have in his last relationship, he’ll speak poorly about his ex.


If you both have the same kind of energy that he was hoping for in his last relationship, he’ll want to brag to you about how much better off you are than his ex.

2. To incite envy in you

He might discuss how much he loves his ex-girlfriend. He will talk about how he has done good deeds for her and how he was harshly paid back with a split.

He believes all he stated might make you envious of his commitment to the partnership. He believes it’s a sign that you’re interested in learning about the good aspects of his actions.

3. To get you to talk about your history

It’s the best approach, in the eyes of men, to find out your deepest past secret. They attempt to manipulate you by sharing the sensitive details of their relationship with their former partner.


They are able to go far with their s3xcapade. in order for you to feel at ease informing them about yours in return.

They will also share with you their positive and negative memories. All they want to know is your tale and what type of person you are to your former partner.

4. A warning on what to anticipate from the partnership

This is a covert method of conveying to you his preferences in and out of a partnership.

To help you understand him better and what he could and could not put up with from you, he opens up to you about the specifics of his previous relationships.

For him, certain small, unattractive actions can be deal-breakers.


5. To look for comprehension and identify errors to avoid

Talking about his ex-girlfriend can occasionally be his way of releasing emotional baggage or explaining past tragedies.

You might have a better understanding of him if you shared these experiences. It might also be interpreted as a warning story.

People can communicate what they’ve learnt and what they wish to avoid in their current relationship by talking about the things that went wrong in their past relationships.

6. To ascertain our future together

He might discuss his past in order to gauge your character. He wants to be sure that you are the woman he should be in a committed relationship with.


When he brings up his ex, he might be observing your reaction. If you start to feel uneasy or envious, that can be a warning sign for him.

It might be a means of learning your position on marital issues.

Depending on how you respond to and interpret his version of the events involving him and his former partner, he will determine whether or not you make a good relationship.

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