Little Johnny and His Classroom Mishap

We love Little Johnny’s amusing antics and surprising turns! This time, during a lecture, he found himself in a really awkward situation. But instead from being embarrassed, he laughed heartily at the whole thing. You also won’t believe the teacher’s response!

Little Johnny

Little Johnny made a loud fart in class that got everyone’s attention. Naturally, the teacher was not amused and urged him to get out of the classroom right away. And that he did, dutifully.

Little Johnny outside the classroom

He was sent to the hallway and after that he couldn’t contain his laughs. The principal saw that he was laughing and came up to ask him why he was laughing.

Johnny managed to explain, “I farted in class, and the teacher kicked me out,” among restrained laughter. Perplexed, the principal inquired as to why he was finding it so funny.

Little Johnny laughing

Little Johnny said, still laughing, “Well, those poor souls are stuck in the classroom, breathing in my fart, while I’m out here, enjoying the fresh air!”


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