I Left My Husband after He Used Me as a Cook and Nanny for His Kids – 15 Years Later, His Daughter Brought Me to Tears

After we briefly dated, I married a man because I thought we would be happy together. Some could argue that it was a warning sign when he made me meet his children just a few days after we started dating, but I didn’t see it. It was too late for me to understand I was in too deep, and I had to prioritize my own health.


When I first met Will, a 29-year-old recently widowed guy with a son named Nick and a daughter named Tamara, I was 22 years old. Our romance quickly took off, and very early on in our relationship, he showed me his children.


To be honest, meeting them within the first few days after our introduction seemed a little weird. However, he told me that I was “the one”—not just for him, but also for his kids—in order to justify his actions.


We were married a year after he swept me off my feet, so maybe I was just easily won over. Because I made particular vows to his children and vice versa, our wedding day was unique. It was a very moving moment that was all Will’s doing.

But the fairy tale broke soon after the wedding. Will made me handle ALL of the household chores, cooking, and child care even though I worked a full-time job. He offered any justification for his disengagement, such as:

I’m exhausted from work; you understand how it is. It makes perfect sense for you to handle it because you’re so wonderful with them.”

Nights out with friends or playing video games gradually took up all of his free time. I balanced my job and all of the household duties at the same time. He would reply, “I’m bringing in the money and keeping the roof over everyone’s heads,” if I mentioned how tired I was.

“I should be able to unwind.”

My spouse also had a change in attitude. He became condescending and even downright rude. Sadly, he passed these characteristics down to his kids, who started acting like him. They didn’t really treat me like a stepmother—more like a servant.

Why do you force us to do things all the time? “Dad lets us have fun,” they would grumble, mirroring Will’s attitude. I knew that our marriage was a grave mistake during the first year of our union. But because I felt obligated to keep my promises to my stepkids, I was at a loss for what to do.

However, after a few more years of marriage, the stress was intolerable. I packed my belongings one day while the house was vacant, grieving over my divorce filing. I chose to leave a note because I was unable to face my family. In my letter, it said:

To Will and the children,

I’ve done all in my power to be the greatest mother and wife to you two. However, I always seem to be getting the short end of the stick. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t hang around in a place where I feel so abused and underappreciated. I apologize for not being able to keep the lifelong commitments I made to you.

The ensuing divorce was contentious. Will was no longer the man I’d fell in love with; he was now a demanding and irate stranger. However, I left the marriage with almost nothing more than what I had contributed.

While I was relieved to be free of the agony, I was also devastated by the promises I had made to the kids. To be very honest, after I got out of that marriage, my life got a lot better. I had no idea, though, that my tale with Will’s kids wasn’t quite done.

After fifteen years, I’m in my late thirtys and looking back on those difficult years as though they were someone else’s. Then, out of the blue, Tamara, who is now 25 years old, called me. When she revealed her identity, my palms shook, ready to be accused or enraged.

However, the words that came over the phone shocked me so much that I dropped the phone and began crying! “Madison, you left the most beautiful memories in mine and Nick’s lives,” Tamara exclaimed, shedding tears. Emotionally continuing, she revealed:

“The primary mother figure we associate with you is you. We have always treasured our time together.

To put it mildly, it was overwhelming to hear Tamara’s confession. After gathering my thoughts, I asked her how she and Nick were doing since then. She said, “We missed you every day.”

It took us some time to comprehend your departure, but as we grew older, we realized the reality about our father. All along, we prayed you were alright. She disclosed that Will was never able to maintain a relationship with a lady of his age, and the younger ones also failed.

He continued dating but never got married again. According to his daughter, he had intended to find a spouse who would be their only parent. Before long, Tamara and I scheduled a time to talk. It was quite moving to see her and her younger brother again.

They both expressed their gratitude and told me how much their early years had benefited from my presence. “You showed us the true meaning of kindness,” Nick exclaimed, his voice full with feeling. I felt both pride and grief when I sat with them and saw the people they had grown into.

Would I have chosen to depart the same way if I had realized the effect I had on their lives? I started crying at the happiness on their cheeks and the love in their remarks. However, a small part of me questioned whether or not I was correct to turn away from them as well as from Will.

However, despite their father, I was proud of the adults they had grown into. I was also pleased that I could have made a difference in their lives. Even now, as I write this, I continue to second-guess the choice I made years ago.

I believed that leaving Will was essential to my health, but doing so came at the expense of abandoning my two dependent children. But now that I see Tamara and Nick doing well and still thinking highly of me, maybe the love and care I sown had taken root and outcompeted the weeds of that unhappy marriage.

Is it possible that in certain situations the only way to make a significant, good impact is to move on? Do you believe that leaving Will and the kids was the right decision, dear reader? If you had been in my position, how would you have responded?

While Madison had good reason to file for divorce, Tanya in the next scenario felt compelled to end her marriage due to an extramarital affair. Her spouse was seeing someone close to her, which was the worst aspect of it all. The fact that she refused to take it quietly was the best part, though!

Not only does my spouse want a divorce, but he insists that we continue to live together.
Hi there, my name is Tanya. Allow me to delve straight into the tornado I’ve experienced. After ten years of marriage, my spouse Alex suddenly told me that he wanted a divorce, and he had a really good cause for it!

When I returned home one day, there was a woman in our kitchen—and she was wearing my most favorite oddball cat pajamas! It was my sister Clara, and I was about to lose my mind. Yes, you heard correctly. Right under my nose, my sister and my husband were having an affair, and they were very forward about it!

Clara, who has always been the family’s “angelic” child, had done something that I never thought she would. And Alex? He was completely enamored with her, rationalizing his treachery by saying he needed to concentrate on his work and making the ridiculous suggestion that we all move in together after the divorce to maintain stability in our finances.

My disbelief gave rise to a vengeful thought. I agreed to their absurd notion for a living arrangement and even suggested that we remodel the house in order to “start fresh.” Blown away by his encounter, Alex happily agreed and threw all of his savings into the renovations.

I dropped the bomb when the house looked like it belonged in a magazine and its worth had increased dramatically. I had sold the house in private with the intention of keeping the proceeds! When I informed Alex and Clara that the new owners were moving in, you should have seen the look on their faces!

Through it all, I discovered a new love and strength I never thought I had. My strategy was put together with the assistance of Daniel, a pleasant and accomplished real estate agent who opened my eyes to the possibility of true partnership.

Ultimately, as I turned my back on the life I had known, I understood that although betrayal had started this tale, my tenacity and willpower had written its conclusion. The duplicity of Clara and Alex proved to be the catalyst for me to make a fresh start and discover true happiness. What an incredible experience!

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