My Mother-in-Law Bought Me the Best Mattress – I Was Terrified When I Learned Her True Purpose

Larissa has grown to adore Julia after winning the mother-in-law lottery. Following her difficult pregnancy journey, she depends on Julia’s help. But months after the kid is born, her husband discovers something that leads them to wonder exactly how Julia was able to help.


I was fortunate enough to be one of those females who got married to a magical mother-in-law when I married Toby. Julia was all I could have hoped for in a mother-in-law: she was compassionate and caring, and she didn’t see me as merely a member of her family. Rather, she took me in as her own daughter.

One day, when I told Toby that I was so happy Julia had welcomed me, he remarked, “I told you.”

“Larissa, she has loved you from the beginning.”

Even at her advanced age, Julia exuded vitality. She was always coming and going from our house, eager to dive into our cooking.

When I asked her to have a seat, she said, “I just want to feed you guys,” as though I was going to cook for her instead.

She laughed, “I have nothing else to do besides meet the ladies for drinks.”

Usually, it concluded with us cooking together and laughing resonating through the kitchen as Toby returned home.

I moved here with Toby after moving for college, so my parents were on the other side of the nation. Even though I was able to stay in touch with my family through phone and video conversations, Julia ultimately fulfilled the role of a mother, albeit one who was always around.

Toby and I were trying for a baby after three years of marriage.

Toby said, “If you’re ready, I’m ready too.” “I believe the time is right.”

I concurred with Toby. I wanted to be a mother, and I was ready.

So we gave it a shot. And we were unable to conceive for months. And reality set in more strongly the longer we tried. Perhaps it was never meant for us to have biological children.

“What would you like to do?” Toby was questioned by me. “Persist in trying?”

Toby gave a nod. I was aware that he sincerely desired to become a father, but I also knew that he wouldn’t ask me to do anything.

I was so torn and went to my mother-in-law for guidance. Julia purchased Toby and I a brand-new mattress in addition to taking me to a wellness coach’s appointment and fertility massages.

My mother-in-law remarked, “Maybe your body is just not rested enough.” “Perhaps all you need to do is give your body every opportunity to succeed in this.”

“Do you believe it was a little unnecessary?” As we tested out our new mattress that evening, I questioned Toby.

Toby remarked, “Normally, I would have said yes.” However, there might be merit to what Mom mentioned. Before, our mattress was terrible. Perhaps that will have an impact.

Indeed, it did. Because I found out we were pregnant not even a month later. At first, I was so anxious about everything that I wasn’t sure if I should tell my husband and our family.

I had the impression that by accepting the reality, I might be beckoning something to occur. However, it was self-serving and my unreasonable anxiety made no sense. We were definitely heading toward parenthood, and Toby needed to know that.

As he picked me up, Toby exclaimed, “Thank goodness.” “At last!”

We informed our family as soon as we felt comfortable and that our baby’s growth was normal for the second trimester.

And suddenly, our daughter Maddie was born before we ever realized it.

In order to help the three of us navigate the unfamiliar waters of fatherhood, my mother-in-law took over. She took over Maddie’s early morning nursing schedule in addition to cooking and cleaning.

I felt enjoyed having Julia around, especially because my parents couldn’t visit and see our new baby just yet.

Until Toby found something in our house that made me never look at Julia the same way.

Maddie sleeping in our bed didn’t bother Toby or Me; it was only easier for me to feed her during the night. However, Maddie had a blow-out one night, which had disastrous results for our bed.

Toby yawned, “You sort the baby out,” when I awakened him up to Maddie’s antics. “I’ll make the bed.”

My daughter had a blow-out, so I grabbed her up and took her to the restroom, rather than merely changing her diaper. Maddie put her gummy hands to my face and drew a coot.

“My dear,” I greeted her. “You just have to put Dad and I through a rough time, huh?”

I was unaware, though, that Toby had discovered an odd object affixed to our mattress when dismantling our bed.

When I finished with Maddie, she was practically back to sleep. I carried her to our bedroom, prepared to place her in the crib while I assisted Toby in changing the linens.

When he noticed me standing in the doorway, he replied, “Oh, honey.” “We’re done using this.”

“Explain what you mean.” Putting Maddie down, I asked. “Was it able to get inside the mattress?”

Toby appeared anxious. The mattress was on its side after he had picked it up.

He responded, “No, that’s not it.”

Watching him try to find the right words confused me. “What topic are you discussing? It’s only a mattress, let us take care of it.

His voice rose in fear as he spoke, “No, Larissa.” “It’s not your average mattress.”

I was tired and a little irritated with my hubby by this point. Toby was never one to hesitate before speaking, but here he was in the wee hours of the morning, unsure enough to make the bed.


He said, “Look what I found.”

Toby gave me a tiny silk purse. There were several herbs within. I had not before seen the bag.

“What’s this?” How and where did you discover it? I enquired.

The mattress was pinned to it. I believe we were only unaware of it previously because it was hidden beneath the mattress protector.

Alright, but why is it needed? Feeling puzzled and agitated, I inquired.

“It has to be fertility herbs!” Toby shouted.

I didn’t know what he was discussing.

“Listen, I don’t know if my mother believes in old wives’ tales or not, but I do know that she does. What if that story is this one?

I answered, “She would never do that.” “Not in a way!”

“So, from where else did it originate?” Toby posed a direct question.

When Julia came to stay, he forced us to sleep in the guest bedroom. Naturally, though, I was unable to sleep. Despite my best efforts, I was unable to quiet my mind.

I turned to face Maddie, who was dozing out between Toby and myself. She was flawless. Although we had trouble becoming pregnant, Maddie was always our child. She had Toby’s eyes and my hair. She truly belonged to us in every way.

But it was obvious that she was born not long after Julia had given us the bed.

Could Maddie’s delivery have benefited from those herbs? Was that even feasible, though?

I don’t recall going to sleep, but I was awakened by the usual gas scent. Toby was outside soaking our mattress. As I walked out the back door, he threw the match on it.

In an instant, the mattress caught fire, and the flames appeared to dance with the same fury as my internal turmoil. I was attempting to comprehend Julia’s intentions. She and I had always been so close, so I didn’t understand why she would withhold this from me.

I didn’t know the significance of the herbs, but I wouldn’t have experienced the terror and paranoia that had taken hold of me ever since Toby’s discovery if she had told me.

“What are you doing?” As I heard the fire getting louder, I cried out.

Honey, we weren’t able to hold it. We were unable to,” he remarked.

Anything arcane or even somewhat related to the paranormal terrified Toby to no end. Rather than spend another night in the house with the mattress, he would have preferred to sleep in our automobile.

I watched Maddie sleep on the baby monitor while the mattress burned. Toby and I were silent for a long time, unsure of what had been happening in our house.

Later on, Julia stopped by to prepare our morning meal as usual. Taking the lead, my spouse spoke in a steady tone that was tinged with betrayal.

Why didn’t you inform us about the mattress, Mom? On the herbs, he enquired.

Julia was still one of my favorite people, even after everything we had learnt, so I gave her a cup of tea. Like I loved my mother, I also adored her.

My mother-in-law’s face creased as a gloomy guilt took the place of her customary brightness.

“I only desired assistance. I figured that if it worked, you wouldn’t care how, as I knew you were having problems becoming pregnant. I didn’t aim to do you any harm. Particularly not my granddaughter.

What else were you up to? What is contained in the bag? Apart from the botanicals? The inquiries from Toby flew over our living room.

“Not a thing!” When Julia finally noticed Toby’s fear, she exclaimed. It’s only some dried herbs. She answered, “I can give you a list of them.” “I’ll bring you two to the shop where I purchased them. The small pharmacy next to my dentist is quite charming. It is a store dedicated to natural health.

“You could have simply informed us,” I realized. How can we believe whatever you do from now on? How can we tell if our child is truly a miracle or merely the result of your herbs?

“Is that significant?” she questioned, her eyes overflowing with tears. “Maddie is here, and we own her.”

It’s hard for me to argue with that. Naturally, Maddie belonged to us. All I felt was hurt that Julia had done this and hadn’t told me. In addition, I felt compelled to be upset with her since my spouse was furious.

“My mother-in-law apologized,” she muttered. “It’s true,”

Toby softened next to me at her words.

“Mom, we really need to start over,” he remarked. “You must notify us in advance if you intend to do anything similar in the future. We have to be aware of what is happening in our own houses.

Julia grinned at us and nodded. We had found the truth, and it seemed to have rattled her.

I was perplexed because I knew how hard it was for us to conceive, and there was a part of me that would always be grateful to her. However, how on earth could resting on a handful of herbs aid in conception?

While Julia prepared a tart for us to eat for lunch, Toby spent the remainder of the day browsing mattresses online. I simply delighted in the moments I spent with my kid.

How do you feel? Do you think herbal treatments and folklore are real?

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