My MIL gave away my late mother’s necklace, so I kicked her out.

Jewelry can be quite meaningful to us and serve as a constant reminder of the giver. When the woman found out that her mother-in-law had given away her late mother’s jewelry, she became unhappy. After telling her in-law to immediately leave her home, she checked the internet to see if she had been too strict.



A woman posted a blog post about her issue online.
My family is aware of my patience and kindness (30F). I’m proud to be a good person. I’ve always made an extra effort to assist others. We appreciate and understand each other, which is why my hubby (32M) and I have a wonderful connection.

My late mother gave me a vintage jewelry that has been in my family for many generations. Not only is it precious, but it holds great emotional significance for me. Because I adore the memories it evokes, I’ve always kept it secure and only worn it on exceptional occasions.



My MIL (57F), who has a tendency to overreact, is here. Despite our strained relationship, my spouse and I allowed her to live with us after she lost her apartment. Respecting our belongings was all we sought in return.


One day, my MIL and her friends were holding a tea party when I got home. It saddened me much that one of her pals was wearing my mother’s necklace. My mother-in-law told me that she gave it away because she thought it was “just old jewelry” and her friend liked it when I questioned her about it.


I felt totally duped and was heartbroken. My spouse was astounded as well and supported my decision to ask her to go. Since “family is family,” everyone else in the family believes I’m the bad one and that I should forgive her.

After telling my MIL’s friend what had transpired, I was given the necklace back, but my MIL feels that I had made a fool of her.

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