Mom of one stepped on ant hill and died instantly, according to family

Hearing about someone’s passing is never easy. particularly when they abandon a small family behind. It is so unfortunate and heartbreaking how this mother from Gwinnett County passed away.


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For the Weed family, it was an ordinary day until all of a sudden, everything changed drastically. According to her family, the mother of one died right away after walking on an anthill in her Lawrenceville house.


Gray, her 15-year-old son, played baseball for the Mountain View High School Bears as a rising sophomore. Cathy was a devoted mother who was constantly in the stands supporting her kid when he was playing on the field.

After she passed away, the people of Mountain View came together on the baseball field to honor her. Her passing has devastated everyone in the community because she was a vital pillar.

The cause of her untimely demise was Cathy’s fatal allergy to fire ants. The response she had when she stepped on the pile of ants was so intense that it killed her before she could run and take her medicine.

Cathy experienced a similar incident with an extreme allergic response from an ant bite in 2018, which sent her to the emergency room. She used the occasion to emphasize the value of always having EpiPens on hand and the current national shortage. She warned that if you didn’t have an EpiPen on hand that wasn’t expired, the situation may turn deadly. Years later, tragically, she passed away from the same allergic response.

A contribution portal has been established by the community, enabling anyone to provide financial support or volunteer meals to the family.

Young Gray has received an abundance of love and support from his baseball teammates as well as the community in the wake of this devastating news. The obituary of Cathy Weed describes what a remarkable person she was. She was described as a “wonderful person who touched the lives of everyone she encountered.” Her lovely disposition, unfailing compassion, and warm smile will always be cherished.


Jason Johnson, Gray’s coach, remembers how amazing Cathy was as a person and how close she was to her kid. “His mom was everything to him, and he was 100%, even more so, to her,” Johnson stated.


Bereaving someone so abruptly and in such a terrible way is such a tragic tragedy. Remember the family in your prayers and encourage others to do the same by sharing this piece.

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