Meghan Markle Adopted a New Nigerian Name During Her Visit

From her newly chosen name to her wardrobe choices, Meghan Markle’s trip to Nigeria sparked a lot of interest and controversy, bringing up issues of lineage, public figure expectations, and style.


Meghan recently sent a touching letter to Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, thanking him for giving her and Prince Harry a traditional Yoruba name and for their cordial welcome during their three-day working visit in May 2024.


Meghan expressed in her letter her gratitude for the trust bestowed upon her to carry the name Adetokunbo with dignity and grace, as well as her humility at being given it. She stressed the importance of the visit to her family’s ties to their history and expressed excitement about going back.


Meghan and Prince Harry were shown royal receptions and gifts, including royal beads, according to the monarch’s press secretary, who also highlighted Meghan’s Nigerian ancestry as discovered by a genealogy test. Meghan spoke with female leaders when she was there to talk about career issues and mentoring for young women.

But Meghan’s attire selections during the visit also generated discussion. Although her five shoulder-baring outfits were praised for their fashion, given the context of her appearances, they were also criticized for being culturally inappropriate and insensitive.

Every choice of clothing, from a strapless tube dress at a formal function viewed as disrespectful to local culture to a backless dress at a school visit that garnered criticism for being too informal, sparked conversations about what was expected of public people when they traveled abroad.

Despite the controversy surrounding her outfit, Meghan’s visit had a big impact, especially when it came to bringing attention to issues like women’s mentorship and embracing her Nigerian background.


Meghan’s choices about her advocacy and personal style are being keenly observed and extensively analyzed as she continues to lead a public life.

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