If you see this beautiful purple thing washed ashore on the sand this summer, DO NOT touch it. check in comments

Run away right away if you see this gorgeous purple thing on the sand.

Hey, if anyone has some extra cash this summer and is planning to take a trip (yes, these days, things can get rather pricey), please keep an eye out!


There’s something gorgeous and purple that washes up on a beach, but you shouldn’t touch it or, worse still, lick it!


An influencer believed that licking these poisonous, “cute,” objects would be a fantastic idea.

Despite its exotic, purple, and lovely appearance, the Portuguese man-of-war poses a serious risk to people’s health and well-being.


The marine animals have long, dark purple tentacles hanging off of them, giving the appearance of lovely bubbles with blue or purple tints floating on the water’s surface.

The Portuguese man-of-war is extremely dangerous due to its venomous tentacles, which have the capacity to inflict a painful and unpleasant sting.

Regardless of whether they are found in the ocean or on the sand, they should never be touched since, while appearing dead, they can still hurt days after washing up on the coast.

If You See This Beautiful Purple Thing On The Sand, Run Away Immediately

These seemingly adorable creatures can sting painfully and result in a variety of adverse reactions, such as fever, shock, severe red welts, respiratory difficulty, paralysis, and, in the worst case—a very rare—death.

In the unlikely event that you get stung by one, avoid urinating nearby! Seek out medical care from a professional.

In fact, it may get worse if you urinate. Instead, apply a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling.

More fascinating facts and information on the Portuguese man-of-war and what scientists, beach patrols, and lifeguards are doing about them are covered in the adjacent New Jersey TV news segment.

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