Diana had spent all her savings on buying her son’s suit for the wedding, and she couldn’t wait to see his reaction when she surprised him at home.

Arnold becomes upset since he instructed his poor mother not to attend his wedding and he finds her there. After she offers him a gift and makes a toast, Arnold starts crying and eventually falls to his knees.


“Look, there’s a happy customer exiting the café. Take a peek at her blush! As a roar of laughter echoed through the restaurant kitchen, Diana’s supervisor spoke.

We’re going to be there, Diana. When is the wedding taking place? As people gathered around Diana, who was unable to stop blushing, a coworker questioned.


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It’s on Sunday at 11 a.m. I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you at the church.”

The sixty-year-old worked as a café cleaner. In order to get her only son, Arnold, the best wedding outfit, she had taken a half-day off work. Diana looked for the blue suit for a very long period. Although it was really pricey, she didn’t care. She thought, “My boy should look his best.”


Diana was eager to watch her son’s response when she surprised him at home because she had used up all of her savings to get his clothing.


“I am so excited to watch him tie the knot!” Diana pondered. Since learning that Arnold intended to wed his lover, Masha, she had been eagerly awaiting this day.


“Look what I got for you, son!” With a radiant smile on her face, Diana bounded into their house, carrying a suit. “I’m positive you’ll adore this! Would you kindly try it on? If there is a fit issue, the vendor promised that I can still swap it.

Arnold turned to hurl his mother’s gift, which he considered to be “garbage,” but before he could do so, her voice came over the microphone.

Arnold scowled as she showed him the outfit that she had removed from the garment bag. He was not happy.

“I’m not dressing down for my wedding with this kind of attire. I should look my best since I’m marrying the daughter of a wealthy man. In such inexpensive suit, I would look tacky.

Tears began to well up in Diana’s eyes. She tried to be normal, but her son’s remarks made her stop talking. Her heart weighed heavily and she was disappointed.

However, nothing broke her heart more than when Arnold said, “One more thing…You are not invited to my wedding. My fiancée’s affluent family as a whole will be in attendance. I don’t want you to ruin my reputation by showing up there in your filthy clothes. I don’t want to have to explain people you’re simply a cleaner when they ask me what you do.

Diana started crying uncontrollably. She bolted to her room and shut the door. She was so wounded that she sobbed for the remainder of the day. Arnold departed to handle the wedding arrangements because he was too busy to check on her. There were two days to the festivity.

Sunday was Arnold’s much-anticipated big day. Diana wouldn’t let her son stop her from taking in such a lovely moment. After gathering herself, she went through her clothes and chose the most attractive one before getting ready.

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“You are not old enough to comprehend the anguish and desire of this mother. Son, I can’t afford to miss your special day. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I’m coming.”

Diana brought a vintage ceramic vase that she planned to present to her son. Upon reaching the chapel, she observed that her supervisor and coworkers were present. For a little while, she forgot Arnold’s request that she not attend his wedding since she was delighted.

Greetings, Miss Diana! Her supervisor said, “I’m sure you are the happiest mother on earth.”

Diana entered the room smiling and carrying the hefty gift box. She observed the bride and groom kissing after exchanging rings. Diana was unable to contain her tears, try as she might. She was overjoyed. “It’s done!” she said.

There was a grand banquet after the wedding. Many affluent people came to the location to meet the newlyweds. Arnold was startled to see his mother arriving. His eyebrows shot up in contempt. “What is her reason for coming? He thought, “I told her not to ruin my day.”

“Happy birthday, my love! You two look fantastic! Warm regards!” remarked Diana, delivering the gift to her son.

Arnold turned to look around and saw that this moment was being captured on camera. He grabbed his mother’s present shyly, not wanting to cause a disturbance. He opened the box a little and noticed the vase inside. She handed me an antique vase that was laying about the home. How inexpensive?!” he moaned.

Arnold turned to hurl his mother’s gift, which he considered to be “garbage,” but before he could do so, her voice came over the microphone. Arnold paled in surprise. He was unaware that day would reveal a 25-year-old secret she had been withholding from him.

“25 years ago, shortly before my closest friend passed away…” Diana said, glancing up at the ceiling as tears welled up in her eyes.

“She handed me an antique vase and instructed me to give it to her son on his wedding day. She wanted her son to have the present, which came from her late parents.

Arnold was unable to comprehend his mother’s words.

“I nurtured her little boy as my own after adopting him when she passed away. I never got married because I wanted to give my child all of my love and attention. It’s time, son, to see what was left in that vase by your late mother. Salutations! Arnold looked astonished as Diana raised a glass for a toast.


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He was taken aback. There were wads of cash in the old porcelain vase. He fell to his knees, tears streaming from his eyes.

Arnold came to understand that the person he felt ashamed of was actually his birth mother—rather, it was the lady who gave her entire life to raise him. To him, she was more than just a mother. After he became an orphan, she was his savior and guardian angel.

“I fulfilled my pledge to my departed friend. Son, I’m glad for you. God bless you, and please be careful. Diana came to an end. She started to head for the exit, but Arnold would not allow her to go so easily. He sprinted after her, obstructing her path.

“I apologize, Mom. Your devotion to me is invaluable. I apologize if I offended you. You were a good mother to me even if I was never a decent son. Why did you not inform me that I was an orphan? Don’t leave me, please. I don’t want to experience orphanhood once more.

Diana gave Arnold a hug before they went back to the stage to watch the groom and his mother dance.

He mumbled, “I love you, mom,” and Diana grinned, her eyes welling with happy tears.


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