3-year-old boy dies in car crash on way to his own birthday party – rest in peace

Little Josiah Toleafoa was traveling to Play City with other kids to celebrate his third birthday when something terrible happened. In the Chula Vista, San Diego, parking lot of Play City, a kid-friendly indoor party facility, a toddler was struck by a car.

A witness to the horrifying incident claimed that while paramedics battled to save the young boy’s life, Josiah’s mother sobbed uncontrollably.

Regrettably, Josiah died at Rady Children’s Hospital, therefore the efforts were ineffective. The driver of the car, who is 36 years old, reportedly remained at the scene and cooperated with the authorities. The police report indicates that there is no indication that drug or alcohol use played a role in the crash.

Using social media, Joseph’s family set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect money for his burial expenses. The young youngster was praised for being kind and affectionate. “JOSIAH united the family; his radiant smile and kind heart filled any space with joy.” There was not enough time to witness his incredible feats. Tatiana Toleafoa, claiming to be the boy’s aunt, commented, “I know he would have made a difference in the world.”

“We’re doing this gofundme to help with my sweet nephew’s funeral expenses and services for the little angel that touched so many lives in so many different ways before he was called to Heaven,” she continued, explaining why the campaign was started. Anything at all would be helpful. We are incredibly grateful that we have supportive relatives and friends who have helped us through this terrible tragedy. We also hope to be able to bury him so that we may say goodbye to the young kid who had such a big heart and never forget him.

According to the proprietor of Play City, the landlord is matching the $2,000 that he is providing the Josiah family.

No one has been arrested in connection with the accident, even though the issue is still being investigated.

What heartbreaking news this is. We extend our condolences to the family of Josiah Toleafoa in this trying time. Please join us in sending the family our best wishes and thoughts.

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