Plus-sized model claps back at trolls who attack bikini photos – ‘look away’

A plus-sized influencer is responding angrily to people who want her to hide her size-22 figure.The woman, who declares that she “will always be unapologetically fat,” sparked a backlash from the internet community when she began posting provocative pictures of herself in skimpy clothing.


The influencer brushes off the nasty remarks, claiming that plus-size bodies are “hot” and “look good in a bikini.”

While some internet users compliment her beauty and self-assurance, others contend that the detrimental health effects of being overweight—rather than her wardrobe choice—are what inspire hostility.To find out more about Abby Bible and her battle with internet bullies, continue reading!


In a society that frequently prioritizes unattainable beauty standards, role models such as Abby Bible are essential in advancing body positivity and self-love.

The 25-year-old’s dedication to keeping a positive outlook and embracing her love of fashion, although occasionally encountering hostility, inspires her fans.


The 6-foot-1 influencer, who is a size 22, frequently states on her Instagram that she will not live up to the “toxic” expectations of society.

Growing up, I came to terms with the fact that I would never be considered ‘feminine,’ as society dictates that women should be petite, delicate, endearing, and soft-spoken. The woman from New York writes, “It had been drilled into me over the years that to be feminine meant to be desirable and deserving of a good life.” “I’ve been gradually releasing myself from these negative ideas.”


When Bible appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss body positivity, she disclosed that she had battled with weight since she was a young child. “I was about 200 pounds when I was 14 years old.There was this personal trainer I had who was really rude. They would say that I had to lose weight if I wanted friends and that being overweight would prevent anyone from ever loving me.

Bible once claimed that even though she had dropped 100 pounds and was now about 235 pounds, she was still unhappy with her appearance and that it “didn’t solve any of her problems.”

The woman is currently in a romantic relationship and is using her platform to spread the word that plus-size bodies are “hot” and “look good in a bikini.”

“Avert your gaze.”

Bible is seen wearing a red string bikini in a recent TikTok video that has drawn the attention of over 82,000 users. Bible is replying to a troll who argues that “fat people shouldn’t wear string bikinis.”

She labels the video with the words “If you don’t like it, look away,” while she amusingly looks directly into the camera and says, “I don’t care.”

Many admirers showed their enormous gratitude and support for the inspirational woman. You’re the reason I purchased my first [bikini]. Sincerely, one writes. “You look amazing, wish I had body confidence too,” says the other person.

The internet bullies, many of whom claim she lacks self-respect, are nestled in amongst the messages of support.

One writes, “Well, you should care; that’s disrespectful to yourself.” “Where’s your self-respect?” inquires a second. “I’m a big [woman], and I say, just because they make it in our size doesn’t mean [you] need to wear it,” says the person who is giving advice. show yourself some self-respect.

crippling complexities

Even though the “unapologetic fashion lover” never fails to amaze her fans with her amazing style, trolls who “hate on individuals with larger bodies” still harass her.

However, it can go beyond people merely body-shaming the attractive woman because of her weight, which puts her at risk for a number of illnesses.

One Facebook user comments, “All I see is a lot of strain on her heart and joints etc. but again, that’s her choice!” “But the concern is that additional health issues like diabetes, etc., just put more strain on our already inadequate [national healthcare] system!”

“I don’t have a problem with body positivity unless it promotes a body composition with very serious health risks as the new normal,” says a second netizen.

Although I think everyone has the right to wear whatever they like and to embrace their inner beauty, she is on the path to developing a number of medical conditions, including diabetes, heart failure, and joint problems. “I hope she still feels comfortable in her own skin when she is bedridden or in a wheelchair,” the comment goes on. That she is blind to the harm she is causing to her health is quite tragic.

Bible tells the audience that being thin does not make one superior to another,
even if she has not responded to health issues raised by her followers.

“I am an unapologetic fat girl,” she continues.You can accept it or not because I will always be content with who I am.

Happiness is ultimately what counts, and if Bible believes she has found it, then we hope her health will allow her to be happy.

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