Pat Sajak Reflects on His ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Journey

As he gets about to retire, Pat Sajak, the adored host of Wheel of Fortune, is taking a moment to reflect on his amazing history with the game show. Pat talks candidly about his tenure on the show and his emotions around his departure in a touching video that was shared with Good Morning America.

Since 1981, Pat has been a member of Wheel of Fortune, helping participants win incredible cash prizes by guiding them through quizzes. As the final episode of the show draws near, Pat says, “It’s surprisingly okay.” He clarifies, saying that this was declared nearly a year ago. I’ve therefore had time to adjust to it.

Pat stresses that he is genuinely enjoying this moment and taking it all in, despite the lingering sense of nostalgia. He considers the incredible history of Wheel of Fortune and how it has evolved from a popular program to an integral part of people’s lives and popular culture. Knowing that the show has touched the hearts of millions of viewers gives Pat a great sense of satisfaction.

Pat describes his time hosting Wheel of Fortune as a “great” time in his life and that he is looking forward to what is next. He is eager to take on new experiences after 40 incredible years. On Friday, June 7, Wheel of Fortune Season 41’s last episode will premiere, signaling the end of an era.

Come celebrate Wheel of Fortune’s legacy and the experiences it has brought forth over the last forty years with Pat Sajak.

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