Paris Hilton defends her son against hurtful online remarks about the size of his head: “He just has a large brain”

There are benefits to living in the spotlight, such as riches, access to opulent events, and the opportunity to mingle with society’s elite. But it also exposes people to unrelenting scrutiny and criticism, something Paris Hilton is all too familiar with.

The celebrity recently found herself in a difficult situation when harsh remarks regarding her 9-month-old son Phoenix Barron’s appearance on social media started to circulate. Paris, a mother who is very protective of her son, didn’t take long to stand up for him against the internet haters.

Phoenix is the first kid Paris and her husband Carter Reum had together. Earlier this year, they welcomed Phoenix into their family through surrogacy. As they navigate the pleasures and difficulties of being first-time parents, they have shown their son nothing but love and devotion.


When Paris posted a picture of herself cuddling Phoenix while on vacation in New York, rude comments regarding the size of Phoenix’s head appeared in the comments area. Paris responded unwaveringly in the face of criticism, claiming her son is healthy and explaining his enormous head as a result of having a “large brain.”

Paris, who is very involved in Phoenix’s upbringing, thanked her family, especially her parents and sister Nicky Hilton, for their everlasting support, in addition to standing up for her son.

This regrettable event serves as a reminder that even famous people can face abuse and criticism on the internet. But Paris shows how much she loves and cares for her son by standing up for him without hesitation. This highlights how important it is to always respect children’s innocence and dignity.

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