Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck avoid kisses while attending his son’s basketball game – days after tour is canceled

You may probably get at least a little information on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez if you browse the entertainment section of any newspaper or news website today.


The A-list couple’s romantic life has recently come under intense scrutiny, partly because of the persistent allegations that their marriage is headed for dissolution.

Many reports surfaced to the public last week, the great majority of which painted a bad picture of Affleck and Lopez’s union. Affleck is rumored to have moved out of the couple’s shared mansion, while individuals close to the couple have voiced differing views in recent times, albeit anonymously.


But the most significant news to date arrived late on Friday when Lopez shockingly canceled her scheduled This Is Me US tour. So that she might be with her family more often now.

Lopez told her admirers about the tough choice on her website.


“I am very sorry for disappointing you; I am inconsolable. Kindly understand that I wouldn’t take this action if it weren’t absolutely essential,” she added.


“I swear, I’ll make it right and we’ll all be together once more.” You all have my undying love. Until the next occasion.

Though a source told the Daily Mail that this was not the reason behind her postponing her concerts so close to the tour’s beginning, there has been conjecture around allegedly low ticket sales.

Regardless, the information did not dispel the rumors that Lopez and Affleck’s marriage is in trouble. Instead, some saw it as proof that Lopez is no longer capable of touring and that the couple is on the verge of divorcing.

Affleck and Lopez were seen together at a basketball game over the weekend, which the former’s son was participating in. The pair was seen holding hands and grinning outside of a YMCA, but there didn’t seem to be any public display of emotion.

The two stars are reported to have refrained from kissing each other on the lips when they first met and were subsequently spotted strolling hand in hand, despite the fact that the occasion was perfect for responding to the rumor.

According to a source who spoke with Page Six only last month, Affleck, the actor of Batman, had “come to his senses” about his union with J-Lo.

The source claimed, “If there was a way to divorce on the grounds of temporary insanity, he would.”

“He feels as though the past two years were only a fever dream, and he has realized that this isn’t going to work,” the person said.

Since most of what has been written is merely rumors, it makes sense that neither Affleck nor Lopez have released an official statement as of yet. However, this has been a convoluted tale thus far, so don’t be shocked if you hear more information soon.

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