Gwen Stefani Pays Tribute to Vivienne Westwood

In an emotional Instagram post, Gwen Stefani honors Vivienne Westwood and bemoans the passing of a beloved style icon. Gwen said how moved she was to get the opportunity to wear the designer’s masterpieces for the first time. As one of the most significant figures in popular culture and the fashion industry, Westwood had a lasting influence on the singer.

Gwen said there were no words to describe how amazing it felt to put on Vivienne’s garments for the first time. She creates everlasting, unique creations that are impossible for anybody else to copy. The actress stressed how much of an impact Westwood has on the fashion industry as well as her own sense of taste. “Vivienne was like no other; she will always be one of my favorite designers,” the woman stated.

Gwen Stefani paid tribute to Westwood’s legacy in her piece, highlighting her inventiveness and impact on a vast number of individuals worldwide. She ended her passionate eulogy by wishing her eternal peace and thanking her for everything that she had contributed throughout her life.

Vivienne, who was 81 years old, died on December 29.
She was adored as an icon by her family, admirers, and the fashion world. The two children she left behind, Derek Westwood and Joseph Corré, are crushed by her loss, as is her spouse, Andreas Kronthaler. In honor of his mother’s past, Joseph founded the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, and Derek is a well-known fashion designer.


A few days prior, Gwen teased her audience with the possibility of good news amid reports that she and Blake Shelton were expecting a child together.

Her fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they assumed she would share the news via an Instagram video with the comment, “I can’t believe I was able to hold this in for so long.” Sadly, many people’s hearts were broken when Gwen published the video because it was very different from what they had expected.

Although Gwen and Blake are not parents, the country singer has cheerfully embraced his role as Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston’s stepfather. He desires to take advantage of the opportunity to cherish the fleeting moments in life.

He remarked, “I wouldn’t want to pass up chances to engage in worthwhile activities in life. Those boys have always been, and always will, my family.

He realizes that by taking on this duty, he might be able to create an environment where the three boys can grow and thrive together. In doing so, he intends to generate lifelong memories and help them achieve their goals and objectives by being enthusiastic and encouraging.

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