Fans call Goldie Hawn, 78, ‘ugly’ in swimsuit photos, Kurt Russell defends her, says she’s beautiful

Even in the face of hurtful remarks from the internet, Goldie Hawn never fails to impress her fans with her grace and unrivaled confidence.

The performer doesn’t seem bothered by the taunts and disparaging comments from trolls, even if she admits that “there’s a certain reality” for aging Hollywood stars.

It is not surprising that the 78-year-old is unconcerned, considering that she is one of the most well-known actors in the industry and that Kurt Russell is enamored with her.

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Leading a well-known family that includes well-known actors Oliver (47), Kate Hudson (45), and Wyatt Russell (37), Goldie Hawn is a tough woman.

Thanks to her girl-next-door charm, Hawn was cast in several high-profile films, including Steven Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express (1972), Kurt Russell’s Overboard (1987), and Private Benjamin (1980).

Prior to her reunion with the 73-year-old Russell, Hawn underwent two divorces. “We have done just perfectly without marrying,” she told Woman’s Day in 2007 when describing their decision to skip marriage. Since marriage is all about commitment, isn’t that what I already feel?

Furthermore, Kate, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Almost Famous, insists that the two are a match made in heaven.

“My mother moves like a butterfly. Pa also takes pleasure in his family and home. However, Hudson remarks that “When they’re together, it’s so powerful” of her mother and stepfather, who also have an actor for a son.

After more than fifty years of acting and having three kids, the Oscar-winning Hawn still looks stunning with her famous golden hair remaining natural.

It’s normal to get older in life. The celebrity told People that living consciously enables you to understand that life is full of changes that you must inevitably go through. What, I think it’s fantastic that you’re growing older? It implies that you are still living.

She is cognizant of the ageism that exists within the field and among its adherents, though.

In reference to the ageism that exists in Hollywood, Hawn declared that women will persistently fight this battle.

Are you genuinely going to be against the system? You think you’re going to prove to Hollywood that you’re still an attractive, marketable thing when you are forty-five? No. There is such a universe,” Hawn tells Bazaar. Does it make me angry? No. I don’t readily become agitated. I’m not a radical. Anger is a pointless feeling. It has no advantages.

The actress from First Wives Club acknowledges her old age, but she can’t stop the hate that floods social media.


“Is a resident of a nursing home.”

In 2022, the pair went on a short vacation to Greece, where they were captured in several photos enjoying themselves by the Mediterranean.

Hawn looked chic in a black and white polka dot sundress over a one-piece black swimming suit, while her leading man was decked up in a simple pair of black and white board shorts.

The grandparents, looking like they were right out of the honeymoon magazine, climbed into a speedboat and headed out into the glistening Aegean Sea off the coast of Skiathos, Greece.

Rather than congratulating the pair on their confidence and unwavering love, the online community unabashedly criticized the gorgeous blonde and her attractive partner.

They give off the impression of being residents of a retirement community. A critic says, “They both look really old, and even though I can respect that they are older, [it] seems like they didn’t age well.”

“No, not attractive,” responds another, and “Can you think of a famous person who is naturally ugly?” is written by a third. Hawn Goldie.

“OMG, the things that Goldene Hawn has done to her face, it will give me nightmares,” says someone else.

“They look so cute together.”

Because of their love, a lot of fans defended the pair, who most recently appeared together as Mr. and Mrs. Claus in The Christmas Chronicles franchise.

A person remarks, “She looks good.”There will be trolls there too, but they won’t look quite as friendly.

Amazing considering your age. “Loving each other still is testament to your commitment to each of you,” a thoughtful netizen says.

An additional person adds, “They are so adorable together right now, that’s what love is all about; growing older together, Goldie is as gorgeous as ever.”

However, Hawn’s longtime partner had the cutest things to say.

“The previous night, we had planned to go out to supper. The Snatched star remembers, “He looks at me and says, ‘You’re unbelievable.'” He gasped, “It’s unbelievable how [beautiful] you look.”

Hawn went on to call the 2017 ceremony that marked the two actors’ individual star installations on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a “lovefest.”

After sharing a kiss under the ceremony’s stars, Russell turned to face his gorgeous partner and stated, “I owe my great life to you.To put it plainly, I adore you, Goldie. That is significantly more amazing than the entire constellation or the length of the boulevard put together. He remarked, “For all of that, there’s only one person I’d rather be next to: Heidi Hawn.”

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