David Duchovny announces death of beloved rescue dog Brick: shares beautiful poem as tribute

Anybody will attest that losing a dog is one of the most difficult things they have ever experienced. Even well-known stars mourn the loss of their beloved pets.

Star of X-Files David Duchovny recently bid adieu to his cherished rescue dog Brick and composed a lovely poem in his honor.

Brick, the dog that Duchovny, 63, adopted in 2015, has become a devoted companion for the actor’s fan base and even has his own Instagram page.

Rescuer Philip Steir discovered Brick as a stray off a Los Angeles roadway in 2015.He received a call from Duchovny while looking for a new home for the dog, stating that “he wanted him ASAP.”

In remembrance of former New York Jets offensive tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson, the California star gave the dog the name Brick. Brick moved from being homeless to residing in a Malibu mansion owned by a well-known person.

He started a new jet-setting lifestyle, Philip Steir wrote, going to David’s opulent Manhattan mansion, the scenes of his films, and his tour van with The David Duchovny Band. “What a lovely boy and charming man—quite the life and life change.”

Sadly, Brick’s death was revealed by Duchovny after their nine years of dating. He shared an Instagram photo of himself cradling Brick along with the caption, “I put down my dog,” on May 30.

Duchovny also penned a moving poem that will resonate with everyone who has had to say goodbye to a dog. It conveys the idea that even if a dog’s life may seem brief and unimportant, the people who loved them are greatly affected by them.

I buried my dog this morning and wept a little, lamenting the passing of his silent, expressive spirit.
That afternoon at work, a clear blue sky with a few lingering clouds
The world ignores a small puppy and carries on in its carefree manner.
Even if it seems like he never happened, he really did

David Duchovny

Prominent figures in Hollywood, including as Gillian Anderson, Duchovny’s co-star on X-Files, sent their sympathies.

“Aww, Double D I truly apologize. That man was your man. “RIP, Brick Duchovny,” wrote Anderson.

“David, I apologize. Actress Leslie Mann, who costarred with Duchovny in The Bubble, wrote, “Sending you love.”

“We sincerely apologize for your loss. Animal rights group PETA said, “His sweet memory lives on through you.” “You will always have the love you shared in your heart. From everyone at PETA, love and strength are being sent.

Additionally, Brick’s Instagram posts reflect on the dog’s happy life.

“I am appreciative of the life I lived, even if it is sad to say goodbye to all of my friends. The post says, “My life was a beautiful journey.”

“I used to live under the highway by myself, but the next day I moved in with the nicest family and roommates, who provided me with air conditioning, refreshments, and a nice big field for play. Along with meeting a lot of fascinating people, I also got to see movie sets and concerts. Above all, always remember to have a snack, take care of the environment, and look out for one another.

David Duchovny has always supported animals. To address the pet overpopulation issue, a group created edible birth control for dogs and cats in 2011.

Additionally, he and Brick collaborated to promote the “lick my face” challenge, which asked participants to pay $1 to the nonprofit Target Zero for each lick their cat gave them.

Duchovny has owned dogs for a long time; in the past, he brought his dog Blue to the set of The X-Files.

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