Brave toddler agrees to sing national anthem before crowd, only to have 6,000 people on their feet

I’ve always loved theater, and I think it takes a lot of confidence to walk up on stage and sing or act.

To reach to the point where they can act, sing, and dance on stage with ease, adults must practice and train for years.

The child performer you are going to witness is a 3-year-old boy, who is arguably the youngest I have ever witnessed playing the National Anthem. He is not an adult.

He is winning so many hearts with his talent that the video of him singing has already garnered nearly half a million views.

Drake Winslow, age three, is the youngest individual to have ever sung the National Anthem during a Syracuse, New York, School Day game.

This self-assured young child appeared in front of 6,000 people and sang the song brilliantly.

There was a standing ovation for his outstanding performance.

Drake’s mother, Chelsea, stood behind him throughout his performance and remarked, “I just think he’s too little to realize how big of a deal it is.”

We simply try not to bring it up too often and to be composed for him. He isn’t asked if he feels anxious. Perhaps he won’t consider that after that. He doesn’t truly understand what nervousness is yet.

His mother reports that although her lovely boy enjoys singing in the house, the Star Spangled Banner has always been his favorite tune.

Tip Hero said that he is now eager to sing it once more.

Watch the video below to see Drake’s excellent performance.

What a charming little guy he is. Since it brings so much joy to so many, I hope he keeps doing what he loves.

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