A little boy without arms dreams of becoming a police officer, and one day, a police officer dresses him like his colleague

A youngster and a police officer’s accidental meeting turns into a unique relationship and teamwork that receives overwhelmingly positive reviews and millions of consoling tears.

We frequently read inspirational accounts of people who, with courage and determination, triumphed over hardship. When optimism seems far away, these moving tales act as guiding lights.

In the tale we tell today, a young man full of ambition and self-reliance met a friend and mentor who helped him make positive changes in his life.


Six-year-old Harrison Humphries is not your typical young man. He enjoys games and toys like most kids his age, but he also has other goals in mind. He was born without a weapon, yet he still has hope for the future.

The hip, femur, fibula, and leg bones of a newborn boy were absent. Doctors informed Tara, his mother, that her son would not be able to walk, feed himself, or do any of the activities typical of youngsters his age.

In 2021, Humphries met Officer Rolf Seiferheld of the Duluth Police Department in downtown Duluth, Georgia, when he was playing with his toy trucks.



While on patrol, the lad struck up a conversation with the local cop.

Officer Seiferheld and Humphries quickly established a lovely partnership and an odd friendship by getting together every Friday. Every week, they eagerly anticipate each other’s arrival, and the police officer from Duluth views it as the high point of his week.

Humphries even got behind the wheel of Officer Seiferheld’s patrol car and relished going on patrol with his mentor. The child also assisted the policeman in maintaining the condition of his tools.


Humphries was a pleasure to train as an associate, and Agent Seiferheld was moved by his desire to work as an investigator and police officer. The fact that the buddies and partners have the same policing mindset is surprising.

Agent Seiferheld wants to “be kind and treat people the way you want to be treated,” whilst Humphries wants to “help people get better.” Give them the deference they merit.

As her friend and mentor, Officer Seifer has given Tara hope that her kid will grow up to be a model police officer. She gave special recognition to the Duluth police for their love, respect, and generosity with tiny Humphries.


Tara stated, “I believe that a community should be a partnership and a relationship that can grow.”

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