3-year-old promises to make childhood sweetheart his wife – 20 years later he pops the question

Everybody has a childhood sweetheart, that first love we promised to marry when we were still in our teens.

When Matt Grodsky said, in front of his preschool class at age three, that he would one day wed Laura Scheel, his childhood sweetheart, he wasn’t kidding.

When these two met at their school in Phoenix, Arizona, it was love at first sight.


Everybody who saw them thought the two were the cutest couple because they did everything together.

“We remember each other with great affection. Laura teaching Matt how to sketch and swing, and Matt repeating phrases and scenes from “The Lion King” According to Obsev, the couple said, “We went on playdates to each other’s houses and movies with our parents.”

The two toddlers became friends during the weekend because they were having so much fun together. At the time, their parents assumed it was just puppy love, but the young pair disproved everyone.


“When I was three years old, I stood up in front of my preschool class and declared that I would marry her someday,” Matt recalled telling PEOPLE.

As his fellow pre-schoolers laughed at his endearing statement, Matt responded, “Just you wait,” according to Today.

However, the couple broke up after they started attending different elementary schools and could only see each other’s images on the Christmas cards that their families sent to one another.


After dating for a while in high school after being reunited by a common friend, the pair split up again while attending college. Although Matt attended Columbia College Chicago, which is located more than 1,600 miles away, Laura attended Northern Arizona University.

After a year of trial and error, the pair decided to try and succeed in a long-distance relationship. Together, they came up with a visiting schedule that suited their needs.

However, Matt had more serious plans for his relationship with Laura, and during their senior year, he set up a meeting with Laura at their preschool, which is where it all started.


Matt proposed on one knee after getting her father’s OK and having a family member surreptitiously placed to record the event.

“Oh my god, is this really happening?” I exclaimed.stated Laura.As soon as I saw the ring, I thought, “This is amazing. I’m quite content with it.

After bringing out a picnic basket filled with bridal magazines and sparkling cider—the exact basket their dad used to pop the question to his mother—Matt’s brother left the newly engaged pair to enjoy the moment.

These gorgeous sweethearts tied the knot on December 30, 2016.

The marriage was officiated by Grodsky’s uncle, who said:

“Most preschoolers are concerned with finding their sleeping mats and snacks, but for them, it was more about finding their soul mates.”

This is the appearance of TRUE love! And it’s good to know that it continues to exist.

It’s rare for a couple to have childhood photos of each other; these two seem adorable.

I’m wishing these two many more years of joyous marriage. Kindly give it away.

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