Veterans Group Steps Up To Seal Border Near San Diego

A committed group of veterans known as the “Border Sentinels” have taken proactive measures to improve security by placing concertina wire along crucial sections of the barrier in an effort to fortify the border close to San Diego. Their goal is to solve the issues caused by unauthorized immigration along our southern border.

This gang of unwavering warriors is going above and above to erect these walls in order to defend the borders of our country. Marine Corps veteran Kate Monroe, who is challenging Democratic incumbent Mike Levin for a congressional seat in California’s 49th district, was among their ranks on a recent mission. To strengthen the border’s defenses, Monroe collaborated closely with the Border Sentinels.


Monroe announced her participation on social media, writing, “I’ve strengthened our boundaries once more. Together with eleven other patriots from the “Border Sentinels,” we have about 1,000 feet of razor wire in place to make sure this opening is closed.

Her commitment to national security is demonstrated by her firsthand experience. Monroe berated government officials for their inaction and emphasized the necessity for leaders that don’t simply speak the talk but really focus on practical solutions. “While others merely talk, we act,” she emphasized. Electing officials who are dedicated to defending our borders is essential.

Monroe emphasized her dissatisfaction with the need for civilian intervention as she thought back on her time in the military. “I’m willing to put my life in danger once more to defend our country,” she declared. Seeing others lack the bravery to speak up is depressing.


Monroe did not waver in his belief that their acts were lawful. “We won’t be deterred,” she said in a NewsNation interview. Every time we stop illegal immigration, we are protecting our country.

The public’s response to Monroe’s efforts has been divided; although some have applauded her for taking the initiative, others have advised caution because of the possible legal repercussions.

The persistent devotion of the Border Sentinels to maintaining law and order along the San Diego border is a monument to the dedication of people who appreciate the integrity of our national boundaries.

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