Paul Harvey Made This Prediction in 1965. Now Listen to His Chilling Words…

I would stop for lunch around midday and park the tractor behind a tree for shade. I would have my lunch and watch Paul Harvey on TV. I can still feel the bright summertime days when my family was whole and well when I hear his voice. My soul yearns for those times.

Paul Harvey’s voice may reach up to 24 million people every week between 1952 and 2008. 300 newspapers, 400 American Forces Network stations, and 1,200 radio stations carried his “Paul Harvey News.” Most people are familiar with his classic scene from “The Rest of the Story.”

Paul Harvey is a treasure that America has found. His soothing and recognized voice momentarily transported listeners, occasionally challenging and permanently altering their viewpoints. Generations listened in for his stories and insights.

This man has a lot to teach you about life, if you would just listen. I long for those times of introspection and contemplation. Do we still take the time for that, I wonder sometimes.

Paul Harvey prepared an article before going on television and updated it over time. It’s debatable and can be taken literally or symbolically, but it’s true either way.

Paul Harvey reads the 1996 version of same essay in this audio clip. The striking thing about some of his “predictions” is their accuracy.

God will sustain us during these difficult times. Have faith in God.

Paul Harvey was a reliable individual. Millions of his fortunate listeners found resonance in his “Letter From God” broadcast:

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God Created Agriculture

And God said, “I need a caretaker,” as he peered down at his imagined paradise on the eighth day. So God created agriculture.

Curious? Ram Trucks was as well. Stunning visuals bring Paul Harvey’s emotional “God Made A Farmer” broadcast to life:

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