Man, 100, and Woman, 102, Get Married in Retirement Home Where They Met: ‘Lucky to Have Found Each Other’

The elderly couple, according to Sarah Sicherman, Littman’s granddaughter, were “so lucky to have found each other” and “support” one another.

One centenarian couple attested to the fact that it is never too late to get married.

Following a romantic spark over ten years ago, Philadelphia residents Marjorie Fiterman, 102, and Bernie Littman, 100, exchanged vows on Sunday, May 19, at the assisted care home where they first met, as reported by Fox News.

According to the couple’s relatives, they first went on a date on the same day that one of Littman’s great-granddaughters was born. They had met at an assisted living facility costume party.

Fox News was informed by Sarah Sicherman, Littman’s granddaughter, that their family was “thrilled” to learn that dad had at last found a friend “to do activities and spend time with.” She continued by saying that they were “incredibly fortunate to have met” and were there for one another, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, Littman’s family claimed it had been a “surprise” as they “assumed they would just live out their days status quo” when Littman—who had previously been married to Bernice for 65 years—indicated to them that he wanted to get married again.

After following the couple’s journey over the years, Rabbi Adam Wohlberg told Fox News that although the couple had not originally intended to get married, they “eventually” came to a place “where being not just close friends — but husband and wife — felt like the right step to take.”

They had “already amassed a lifetime of wisdom and experience,” and their “attitudes, feelings, and opinions” were already properly “formulated,” so he remarked during their ceremony that he chose not to offer them the typical marital advise.


He said, “That’s not to say that you won’t continue to grow and learn as people.” But I believe it’s safe to state that each of you knows and comprehends exactly what your partner and you have in store for the future. What you have decided to love about one another, well, that’s not going to change.

Additionally, according to him, he informed Fiterman—who had previously been married to Morris until his passing in 1999—that when Bernie “appeared,” “you realized that someone incredibly special had come into your life.”

While they met and fell in love in the assisted living facility, Wohlberg noted that since they were both University of Pennsylvania students at the same time, they had probably crossed paths decades earlier. However, they were probably unfamiliar with one another at the time because they were pursuing separate degrees in separate areas.

He even made a joke about the two perhaps appearing on “the cover of the alumni magazine’s next edition.”

The pair may have even shattered a new Guinness World Record, given their combined age of 202 years. Fox News reports that the previous record holders were Doreen and George Kirby of England, who tied the record on June 13, 2015, when they married, with a combined age of 194 years.


“Our application is pending, but we believe it is the Guinness World Record for Oldest Aggregate Age Couple to Marry, by about eight years,” Sicherman told the newspaper.

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