Ellen DeGeneres Recalls Being Victimized as a Kid by Her Stepfather

In the forthcoming second season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, hosted by David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres discusses her early adolescent sexual assault.

She encouraged other ladies not to allow themselves to be hurt in the same way after having the courage to admit that her stepfather had done this terrible thing to her.

In order to ensure that no other lady has to experience anything similar, Ellen wanted to go into great detail about this terrible incident.

Her reflections serve as a reminder of the bravery and resiliency needed to endure such horrible situations.

Ellen DeGeneres talks candidly about her mother’s and stepfather’s struggles with breast cancer.

He had informed Ellen that he had found a lump in his wife’s breast at the time her mother had passed away. He asked Ellen to feel her breasts as well so he could make up his mind about what it might be.

Although she made an effort to hide the issue from her mother, her stepfather continued to attempt to enter her room without permission.

To defend herself and save her mother more suffering, she fled through a window.

After hiding the horrifying information about her stepfather’s sexual abuse from her mother for years, Ellen DeGeneres finally told her.

Her mother lived with him for a further eighteen years, despite her admission to that fact. This was due to her perception that she was powerless to change his actions, among other factors.

This issue persists today since many victims’ stories are disregarded and they are neither validated nor believed, particularly when strong men are involved.

Ellen’s rage has compelled her to speak forward in the hopes that other victims would do the same and reclaim their voices.

It’s time for people who have been harmed to take back command and influence over their life.

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