Creamed Chipped Beef and Toast Recipe

My favorite childhood recollections are of sitting around my grandmother’s kitchen table and indulging in her delectable cooking. I find that as time goes on, I hunger for the comforting tastes of her special recipes.

If you too have happy recollections of eating at your parents’ or grandparents’ house, you may remember this classic: toast with creamed chipped beef. This recipe pleases with its cozy flavors and is both inexpensive and simple to prepare.

Military cuisine is the origin of creamed chipped beef, which is highly valued for its ease of preparation and storage. It’s making a creamy white sauce out of dehydrated beef and lavishly spooning it over a thick slice of toast or a fluffy Southern biscuit. It becomes a delicate treat as the sauce and dried meat combine.

Creamed chipped beef with toast is a simple meal that calls for just six ingredients. Made with flour, butter, and milk, the creamy white sauce is delicately flavored with pepper to bring out the flavor.

This recipe is a delicious throwback to cozy home-cooked dinners. Here’s how to make it at home on your own. Peas are a great addition for those who want something extra, and they go well with green bean casserole. Have fun on your culinary journey!



Four ounces of thinly sliced dry beef (found in most grocery shops’ canned meat area)
two tsp butter
Two tablespoons of flour (all-purpose)
Half a cup of whole milk
To taste, add salt and pepper.
Four pieces of toast—you can choose wheat or white—



Prepare the Dried Beef: You might want to give it a quick rinse in cold water to cut down on the salt if the dried beef is really salty. After using paper towels to pat it dry, slice or shred it into tiny pieces.
To prepare the cream sauce, melt the butter in a medium pot over a medium heat.
After melting the butter, add the flour and whisk constantly to create a smooth mixture. Simmer for one to two minutes, or until the smell of uncooked flour disappears.
To avoid lumps, slowly pour in the milk while whisking continuously. Cook and stir the mixture for an additional five to seven minutes, or until it thickens and gently boils.
Add the dry Beef: Add the chopped dry beef to the saucepan after the sauce has thickened. Mix everything together.
To enable the flavors to melt together, reduce the heat to low and simmer the mixture for two to three minutes.
If necessary, add more salt and pepper after tasting the sauce. Since the dried meat could already be salty, use caution when adding salt.
Toast the Bread: Toast the bread pieces till golden brown while the sauce is boiling.

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