Graduation: A Celebration for All

Imagine the thrill of having Jerry Seinfeld appear at your ceremony as your college graduation speaker. How amazing would that be? Well, it was an amazing moment for the majority of the college grads present at the Duke event.

A few graduates did, nevertheless, decide to leave during the speech. Indeed, they left their own graduation ceremony because a Jewish comedian was speaking to them. This is a very ironic act of protest because they were robbed of an amazing chance to hear a smart lecture from a well-known actor who is fed up with politically correct, left-wing bullshit.

Jerry Seinfeld was cheered on by most of the students at the Duke graduation ceremony. Come on, this is Seinfeld! This man is awesome. It was just foolish to walk out on it. It’s okay if you don’t think he’s humorous at all. However, show some regard for your university and your fellow grads. Be not self-centered enough to ruin the graduation ceremony because you don’t like the speaker.


Everyone in attendance should celebrate graduation, not just the few protestors. You marred others’ graduation experiences in addition to ruining your own by leaving. And all because you found the speaker offensive? The least you could do after putting in years of hard work to obtain your degree is stay for an hour and help make the ceremony memorable for everyone.

Even if we don’t agree with someone, let’s try to do better and treat them with respect.


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