“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these … in my daughters’ room.”

Facebook, more than any other social media platform, was the first place where incredibly friendly community groups could be formed.

A few of them are associated with highly prevalent yet beneficial topics, like housekeeping and cleaning teams! However, these clubs offer more than simply guidance and assistance.

Posts like these occasionally cause the group to furiously hunt for answers while also raising concerns about the original poster’s well-being. Kelli Tarin posted a peculiar image of a mysterious pile in the “Homemaking Tips” group.

The mysterious pile of unidentified pellets found.


Not too long ago, on August 10th, the original post was published. In the post, Tarin included a photo. The image shows a fine, dirt-like muck heaped on the ground. Tarin discovers two unexplained mounds that she clears each day and requests for help in identifying what it is. The discovery of both mounds in her daughter’s room is unsettling, therefore she must decide whether or not there is reason for concern. She adds that everything transpired pretty quickly because they moved into this rented house. Tarin describes them as feeling like shells but having the look and texture of coffee grinds or anthills.

The Mysterious Pile Becomes Even More Mysterious

The odd pile gained attention soon after the homeowner posted a need for help on the internet. The post garnered over 9000 comments in addition to over 440,000 reactions. But no one could definitively identify the mystery mounds despite all of this scrutiny! Nevertheless, there were numerous recommendations. Here’s the image:

The mysterious pile of unidentified pellets found.

This colony was particularly challenging to manage because of its tenacity; some people believed it to be an ant colony. Others believed it to be mouse poop. Many believed that termites were the real source of the waste. Tarin decided to consult the experts after giving careful thought to each of these suggestions.


However, their solution only served to deepen the mystery. When she called two pest control companies, they both said they had never seen the mysterious mounds!

Tarin stated in subsequent tweets that she ensured their daughter slept with her father during the investigation. It is not termites because they do not leave behind droppings this crunchy or “seed-like.” She was able to get rid of the roaches because, despite extensively spraying the entire house, she never saw any live ones.

All she had ever seen were a handful of dead ones. She continues by saying that these do not like mouse droppings, which she is accustomed to seeing having grown up on a farm. The last name that was suggested was Bats, but that seems unlikely considering that she lives in West Texas.

The Mystery Is Finally Solved

She added again that she cleans the entire house every day and that it is only in her daughter’s room. She claims that it can actually form in as little as two days. In the most recent report before the settlement, she says the landlords were contacted to inspect them. Tarin thanked the group for their response, whatever it was. Their inability to completely respond notwithstanding, they surely had a part in her capacity to maintain her good mood in the face of a difficult circumstance.

The identity of the mysterious pile


In the end, the answer is completely wrong. From one comment, it seemed that their kids’ lavender bear had burst. At that moment, things like these were inside. This recalled Tarin that among the toys in the pile on top of the mysterious pile was a purple blush bear.

Thinking it was tainted, she had tossed it out. It did indeed have a hole in it, as she found out when she went back to look for it. When Tarin opened it, he was shocked to realize that within were the objects from the mysterious pile! We believe that everything turns out for the best.

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