UPS driver is brought to tears after learning why cars were lined up and down the road

Everybody was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, in one way or another. We can never forget how terrible the last several years have been for the majority of us, even though we think those difficult times are behind us. Many people lost their employment and some even ended up on the streets as a result of the forced closure of numerous enterprises.

While we all applauded medical professionals for their valiant efforts in combating the virus, neighbors in a Virginia neighborhood also took this opportunity to express their gratitude to someone who had another crucial job during the pandemic: the UPS driver, who ensured that their goods arrived on schedule while they stayed at home and took precautions.

Workers at UPS, FedEx, and USPS contributed to maintaining the US economy, even though few acknowledged their sacrifices and hard labor throughout the darkest periods for humanity.

A UPS driver named Anthony Gaskin saw something strange while he was traveling his customary route. There were several cars arranged in a line down the road. Until he seen two kids carrying posters that said, “Hallsley loves you, Anthony,” he had no idea what could be going on. Anthony discovered that they had gone above and above for him when the other attendees waved and applauded.

These individuals believed Anthony ought to be acknowledged for all of the help he provided them with throughout the pandemic.

Patty Friedman later sent an email to WTVR saying, “Anthony Gaskins is considered a hero in the Hallsley neighborhood, even though his truck does not have sirens and his uniform does not offer extra fire protection.” Anthony has kept up his job through COVID, delivering a record-breaking 180 shipments to our doors so far.


She continued, “I wanted to personally thank him for all of his assistance in making me feel welcome when I moved in during a pandemic.” “He was the highlight of my day every day, and it was terribly lonely.”

It goes without saying that Anthony was moved to tears and was appreciative of the kindness shown to him.

“Hundreds of Hallsley residents lined the road and waited for Anthony to turn the corner, arriving on bikes, on foot, and in more than 75 cars,” Patty said to WTVR. A modest man who need encouragement finally drove his truck slowly down the street while kids and people rang bells, waved signs, and yelled his name. Even Gaskins’ managers showed up to give him a gift.

In our opinion, Anthony and his associates have earned this gesture for everything that they have done for their communities.

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