The Magical Moment Keith Urban Invited An 11 Year Old Singer To Perform Infront Of 20,000 People

Keith Urban frequently selects gifted admirers from the audience and invites them to the stage. However, one girl took center stage as soon as she touched the microphone. Lauren Spencer Smith, age 11, commanded the stage with her rendition of “Make You Feel My Love.” The young girl is quite talented, and it’s amazing to hear her and Keith sing together.

Magnificent Harmony

Keith Urban invited Lauren to the stage at Sunfest 2015, but not before complimenting her on her appearance.

“At just eleven years old, she has a wonderful little voice,” Keith remarks. And all I wanted to do was sing along with her.

Keith gives his followers the opportunity to sing on stage alongside him through contests. He was so moved by Lauren’s skill that he felt compelled to sing beside her even if she didn’t win. The self-assured child got ready for an adventure that would truly be a dream come true.

Lauren gave a performance that will definitely be remembered. A youngster with such a rich, brilliant voice is uncommon, but Lauren is a living example of the existence of this kind of ability. Furthermore, Keith Urban undoubtedly observed it. If she continues in this direction, her career in music appears bright. Well done, Lauren!


Infinite Reruns

Bob Dylan wrote the song “Make You Feel My Love,” which was included on his 1997 album Time Out of Mind. It was first released under the guidance of the gifted Billy Joel, but it has subsequently been re-recorded by a number of amazing musicians. Artists like Adele and Garth Brooks have found great success with the song, which has charted three times.

Watch Keith and Lauren enthrall the audience with a beautiful rendition of “Make You Feel My Love” in the video below!

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