Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin reveal saucy secret they have kept for decades years on their 25th anniversary

After 25 years of marriage, Barbra Streisand and James Brolin have accomplished an amazing milestone! This gorgeous pair has been very transparent about their relationship over the years, frequently talking about how great it is to find love later in life.

They recently disclosed a sweet little secret about their relationship that they had successfully kept hidden for all these years. Are you interested in learning more? Let’s explore their amazing tale now!

Everything Started with a Blind Date

Their story started with a blind date, just like many great love tales. James and Barbra were arranged to meet, but Barbra had a completely different idea of what James would look like.

Barbra had anticipated a bearded man and a full head of hair. You can only imagine how shocked she was to learn that James was bald!

Never one to back down, Barbra told James straight out that his hair looked messy. James was charmed rather than offended. Her directness and honesty immediately won him over.


James fell in love right away, while Barbra needed a few more dates to validate her feelings. However, the two fell madly in love very quickly and were married in 1998.

Prior unions and mixed-family households

Neither of them had ever walked down the aisle before. Barbra previously shared her son Jason with Elliot Gould, with whom she was married from 1961 to 1973.

James had already been married twice, the first time for twenty years to Jane Agee, a casting agent, and the second time for nearly ten years to Jane Smithers. From his three prior marriages, he is the father of Josh, Jess, and Molly Brolin. In addition to being a devoted grandfather to Eden, Trevor, Westlyn, and Chapel, he also brings joy to the family.


James is still completely smitten with Barbra, even after all these years. He once said, “Every night is a new adventure,” in a very poetic way. Time is wasted sleeping. I’m eager to see her once more in the morning.

A Closely Kept Mystery Unveiled

The happy pair disclosed a personal secret in an interview with CBS Mornings’ Gayle King, coinciding with their 25th wedding anniversary. James had been single for a full three years prior to meeting Barbra!

“I had been— literally, this is a crazy word— celibate for three years, thinking, ‘Who needs this?'” confessed James.


With a joking reprimand, Barbra said, “You’re not supposed to tell that.” Astonished, King repeated, “For three years?”

“I had not had any interest in getting involved in a lousy situation,” James clarified.


In response, Gayle King wondered if, after all this time, their first night together was particularly special. James laughed and said, “Wild!”

An Important Shift

James’s past unhappy marriages caused him to be reluctant to enter into close relationships. He didn’t think it was worth it to be involved in another potentially disastrous relationship.

However, after being persuaded to meet Barbra by a friend, everything changed. He knew he wanted to marry her since he was so infatuated with her. Barbra needed some persuasion on her part. She didn’t finally say yes until James asked her a third time.

It’s surprising to hear that James was chaste for three years! However, it’s endearing to see how the two connected and created a wonderful life for themselves. How do you feel about their story? Please share with us if you like.

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