The child, only 13 years old, had terrible marks on her neck

Many of us have the bad habit of “overcharging” our phones—that is, leaving the phone plugged in even after it has run out of juice. This could shorten the battery’s life, but the more concerning problem is that if the charger is left in the wall socket unattended, there could be a risk to safety or even an increase in electricity bills.

Phones blowing up or catching fire while charging is a typical occurrence. Therefore, it’s crucial to use authentic chargers and make sure the phone is not covered while charging so that heat can properly drain.

Tragically, a thirteen-year-old girl in the United States had to face these risks. She was use her phone while it was connected to the charger, which had dire repercussions.

A watchful mother saw concerning red wounds on her daughter’s neck after she complained of neck pain. The patient sought immediate medical assistance.

The girl suffered severe burns after an electric arc from the charging cord passed through a metal necklace she was wearing, as discovered at the hospital. This incident brings to light the unspoken risks associated with charging mobile devices, particularly when other conductive objects are in close proximity.


In order to stop others from suffering injuries similar to her daughter’s, the girl’s mother is now committed to spreading awareness about this risk. Her experience serves as a potent reminder of the need for caution when handling chargers and technological equipment.

To protect our loved ones, it is essential that we inform them about these threats. Let’s have this discussion in order to disseminate this important message widely.

Remain vigilant and knowledgeable!

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