The 7-year-old granddaughter of Goldie Hawn resembles her well-known grandmother almost exactly.

Beyond her remarkable acting career, Goldie Hawn is renowned for her happy life with husband Kurt Russell. She is a shining example of timeless charm in Hollywood. Hawn is still captivating viewers both on and off film at the age of 74.

With three children, one stepchild, and six grandkids, Goldie’s life is centered around her family as a mother and grandmother. Her long-lasting romance with Kurt Russell is a noteworthy illustration of a Hollywood romance that lasts.

Since beginning their journey together in 1983, the couple has demonstrated that love and commitment can endure beyond the terms of a contractual marriage. They value family above all else and have a great deal of regard for one another.

“Marriage isn’t necessary as long as we’re devoted to each other,” Goldie famously said. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kurt shared her feelings, emphasizing that “the kids always come first” for them.

In keeping with her dedication to the welfare and education of children, Goldie also works on the MindUp project via the Goldie Hawn Foundation.


When she makes an appearance with her daughter Kate Hudson, whom she shares with her second husband Bill Hudson, it is evident how much she loves her family. When she joked about being so involved in her granddaughter’s birth that the doctor had to warn her about coming too close, her warmth and bond with her kids were once hilariously highlighted on the Ellen show.

Three more grandchildren have just joined Goldie’s family thanks to the marriage of her son Oliver and his wife Errin.

Known for her memorable performances and vivacious demeanor, Goldie’s most treasured character is “GoGo,” the loving nickname bestowed upon her by her grandchildren. She recently uploaded a cute photo of herself with her granddaughter Rio, who is 7 years old, that showed off their remarkable similarity. Enjoying the ties that bind them as family, Goldie said in the caption of the picture taken over a Christmas brunch in Aspen.

Fans have been enthralled with Goldie’s likeness to Rio, generating a great deal of affection and almost 70,000 responses on social media. Their happy dispositions and outward looks are equally similar. This endearing pair was also featured at a MindUp celebration honoring music icon Barry Manilow, where Goldie talked about how happy she was to be going on a date with her granddaughter.

Goldie enjoys the pleasures that come with being a grandma and holds her position in great regard. “Grandmotherhood is an amazing experience. It makes me really happy. She once said to Australian Women’s Weekly, “Family is truly important.”

The source of Goldie’s happiness and great pride in her life is her family. Under the tender supervision of a family that cherishes one another above all, her granddaughter can very well choose to walk in her footsteps.


Goldie Hawn demonstrates that certain relationships are genuinely ageless by adding lovely chapters to her family’s history with every day that goes by.

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