Man Paragliding over the Great Pyramid of Giza Captures Aerial Footage of What’s Written on Top

People have been enthralled with the Great Pyramid of Giza for millennia; it is a breathtaking example of ancient building. It continues to be a magnificent sight for anybody traveling to Egypt, in addition to serving as a monument to the amazing achievements of human intellect during that era. A Brazilian man recently had the good fortune to watch and document this marvel from the top of the pyramid, a vantage point that very few people ever get to see.

This extraordinary achievement was made by 35-year-old Campinas, Brazil-based mental administrator and pilot Yanis Terzis, during a paramotor event. He had intimate access to the pyramid’s pinnacle thanks to paramotors, which are basically paragliders with a big fan for propulsion. On his route to Luxor and Cairo, he stopped at a number of important Egyptian sites, including the Sphinx.

At the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza, what is there?

With a GoPro Hero 10 installed on his helmet, Terzis flew above these historic structures lawfully and in compliance with all applicable permits. His primary goal was to record exceptional footage from viewpoints that are typically invisible to the human eye. During one particularly daring flight, he was able to go so near to the top of the pyramid that he could practically touch it with his feet. This bold move not only fulfilled a lifelong dream but also gave him some amazing views.

Contrary to popular belief, the video shows that the topmost portions of the pyramids are relatively flat and not pointy. This exceptional vantage position gave Terzis the opportunity to see and document minute details of inscriptions and graffiti carved into the limestone of the pyramid, giving his journey a touch of history. With over 7 million views on YouTube, his 4K quality video of this breathtaking panorama has captured the attention of viewers worldwide, enabling them to view the minute details of these ancient marvels from the comfort of their own homes.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest of the Giza Pyramid complex. When it was first built, some 3,800 years ago, at 482 feet, it was the highest man-made structure on Earth. It was built around 2560 BCE. Its current elevation is about 449 feet as a result of erosion and the loss of its exterior stones. Still, it remains a symbol of Egypt’s illustrious history and a guide for both tourists and academics.

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