If You Have These Cupboards Above Your Fridge, Here’s How to Best Use Them

There are many benefits to having a clean, organized house where everything has a place. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it very difficult to concentrate when everything is disorganized or you have the impression that something isn’t quite right.

Naturally, things weren’t always like that. When I was younger, I didn’t think much of organization around the house; I suppose that’s because of my mother that it always seemed as though it was ready to be photographed for a real estate agent’s portfolio.

My mother also gave me a lot of advice, including how to make the most of the little cabinets that are often found above refrigerators in kitchens. You know which ones I mean? So, if you also have them, continue reading to find out how you could use them most effectively.

The little cabinets that you may find above the refrigerator may not seem like they can be very handy at first.

It’s just not practical to have plates or cups that high, plus they’re not big enough for certain things.

So, how should we handle them?

We’re here to offer some fantastic advice and ideas if you’re stuck on what to do with these cabinets.

Space to store kitchen appliances that aren’t used often:

As previously mentioned, these cabinets certainly aren’t the best for items you plan to use twice a day, every day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t accommodate items that you use sometimes. Waffle makers, blenders, food processors, etc. come to mind.


Products in cans and ingredients for baking

Because most vegetables and canned goods have quite lengthy shelf lives, you can store them here and forget about them for a while. Consider baking necessities that you might need only once a week on the weekends.

Recipe Books

Do you have a few cookbooks laying around that you don’t want? Since I am aware that I have, I actually store my books on the upper section of my cabinet.


Spices and pantry items

Like we said with canned goods, there are probably things in your pantry that will work well in one of these cabinets. Alternatively, you can think about purchasing a little spice rack to store your culinary spices up there.


Towels for the kitchen

This is a great place to store bulk purchases of household goods, such as kitchen towels, which my wife always makes.

exquisite china

Do you have any dishes or silverware sets that you save for special occasions? Keeping them above the refrigerator may make sense as there is a decreased possibility of your kids obtaining them that way!


Take caution.

Even if it should go without saying, we’ll mention it anyway: exercise caution when opening and shutting those cabinets. Make sure the objects you’re lifting up there won’t be too heavy for you to securely lower down again.

Always access the items you’re storing there with a strong stool or step ladder, and keep in mind that the heat the refrigerator emits below makes some things less suitable for it.

What specific uses do you have for these cabinets at home? Tell us in the comments below.

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