After Kelly Preston’s tragic death, John Travolta devoted himself to raising their kids

One of the most difficult things you will ever have to deal with is the death of your spouse, particularly if they go away relatively young.

John Travolta has experienced a few extremely difficult years with his family. Kelly Preston, his spouse and the mother of their children, died of breast cancer in 2020.

Since then, John has continued to concentrate on becoming the greatest father he can be.

Travolta became one of the best actors of the century as time went on. He met the love of his life along the way, and the two of them had a beautiful family.

John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1992 after getting proposed to at the Palace Hotel restaurant in Gstaad, Switzerland, the previous year.

In a private ceremony held at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris on September 5, 1991, the pair exchanged vows.

Kelly, like John, was employed in the film industry. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on October 13, 1962. After completing her acting studies at the University of Southern California, she began her professional acting career in 1985, making appearances in a number of high-profile films, including Jerry Maguire, Twins, Mischief, and For Love of the Game.

Over her career, Preston also landed a few small television parts. 2018 saw her play the lead in Gotti, her last motion picture appearance. Kelly passed away in July 2020 following her breast cancer diagnosis.

Her age was 57.

A family representative at the time informed People, “On the morning of July 12, 2020, Kelly Preston, adored wife, and mother, passed away following a two-year battle with breast cancer.”

She was a radiant, lovely, and kind person who infused life into everything she came into contact with. Her family kindly requests your understanding of their current need for seclusion.


Kelly had, it turned out, concealed her diagnosis. During filming her final movie role, Off the Rails, co-star Sally Phillips stated on the British talk show Loose Woman that they were unaware of anything.

According to the Mirror, Phillips stated, “That’s what people do—they go through it on their own because of worries about insurance for the film, and working again afterward.”


Indeed, there have been a few well-known instances of that lately, have we not? Helen McCrory and Chadwick [Booseman] kept it a secret, the speaker said.

Travolta tweeted, “She fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many.” “Kelly’s life and love will never be forgotten.”

“My family and I will forever be grateful to her doctors and nurses at MD Anderson Cancer Center, all the medical centers that have helped, as well as her many friends and loved ones who have been by her side,” John Travolta posted on Instagram. Kelly’s life and love will never be forgotten.

Travolta stated in the same post that he would be spending time with his family, especially his children, Ella, 22, and Ben, 11, during the grieving process. Jett, his first child with Kelly Preston, passed away at age 16 from a seizure.

Before she passed away, Travolta and Preston were wed for 19 years and had three children together. It makes complete sense that he would not be prepared to move on so quickly, given that she passed away less than a year ago.

John Travolta’s new romantic partnerTravolta, for his part, isn’t quite ready to start dating.

An insider told OK! Magazine, “John’s had no shortage of friends wanting to set him up and there are a lot of women who would love to go out with him.”

Although he is touched, John isn’t really interested.

Nobody wants to press him because they know he’s conflicted about being the greatest father he can be, staying unmarried, and letting love into his life once more. Everyone is providing John with the space he needs until he can make sense of things.

Travolta talked candidly about his grieving process in an interview with Esquire Mexico while keeping a low profile.

“Travolta told the magazine, ‘I’ve learnt that mourning someone, grieving is personal. “Mourning is personal; healing comes from your own journey.”

“This trip is not the same as someone else’s. Allowing someone else to experience their grief and without adding to it with your own is the most crucial thing you can do to support them during their time of loss. That’s what I’ve found.

Grief is nothing new to Travolta. He experienced an even more terrible family bereavement in 2009 when Jett, his eldest child with Preston, passed away at the age of sixteen from a seizure.

Jett had seizures frequently, had Kawasaki illness, and was autistic. Travolta was heartbroken by his son’s death.


After Kelly, lifeThree years after Kelly passed away, Travolta is now more focused on his family and his role as a parent. Travolta has remained true to his commitment, taking time off from his business to focus on his family following the death of his wife.

Among his most well-known on-screen appearances in the previous year was in a Super Bowl ad with Ella, his daughter. Travolta had the opportunity to enjoy himself with his family and perform some of his well-known dance routines in the advertisement.

Losing her mother was devastating for Ella Bleu, as it would be for everyone. She has, nevertheless, been pursuing her career in acting as her father did, and her father has given her a lot of encouragement over the years.

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