A Creative Mind at Work

Julie Worley’s Makeover in Her Room

Can you picture your 14-year-old ripping up the wallpaper in their room when you get home? That’s precisely what happened to Julie Worley’s parents in Great Britain. When parents saw what their daughter was up to, they were initially astounded by the sight and soon became amazed instead than worried.

An At-Home Renovation

Julie started to makeover her room with just a few paint cans, a spatula, and some masking tape. She worked her magic on the cleaned wall for two days, creating geometric forms in different colors and sizes. She expertly used masking tape to adhere the forms to the wall, ensuring clean, straight margins.


The Outcome

Julie was eager to show off her revamped room to everyone after finishing it. The reaction was amazing when she shared a picture of her original design on the DIY On a Budget Official page. Her inventiveness amazed many, and they recognized her talent.

Parents in awe

Julie’s mother was especially impressed with how her daughter’s room looked. She felt compelled to post her thoughts and the outcomes on her own page. The compliments kept coming in, and some even expressed a wish to employ Julie as a young interior designer for their own houses. Some were just envious of her skill.

An Inspirational Source

Julie’s makeover of her space is proof of the creative potential and limitless possibilities of do-it-yourself projects. Both young and old find inspiration in it. Who knows, perhaps Julie’s initiative will encourage others to embrace their inner designers and do room renovations of their own.


Thus, the next time you’re considering decorating, don’t be scared to use your imagination and look beyond the box. You might just create a breathtaking work of art similar to Julie’s room!

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