10 Before and After Pictures of People Who Have Overcome Addiction

Addiction profoundly alters lives, highlighting the devastating potential of substance abuse as well as the extraordinary fortitude of those who succeed in overcoming it. Whatever the motivations for the initial use, the courage and resolve required to break free from addiction are what matter here.

1. Nineteen Months

These two photos, which were taken 19 months apart, show the point at which someone starts to appreciate life’s beauty outside of addiction.

2. A Year

An individual’s recovery from alcohol addiction is seen here. This person ends a cycle that began at the age of 15 when they celebrate a full year of sobriety at the age of 29.

3. A Decade

This article highlights his ten-year battle with addiction, which he eventually overcame with the birth of his son.

4. Five Years

This picture celebrates five years clean from addiction and ongoing rehabilitation.


5. Three Months

This person overcome their challenges at the age of 31, discovering a fresh start and newfound self-worth after fighting addiction for 17 years.

6. A Duration of One Year and Sixteen Days

This person transformed their life and health by losing 130 pounds and staying sober for more than a year.

7. Two Decades

She lost her face and teeth due to a terrible addiction, but after two years of abstinence, she was able to reclaim her health and happiness and bring a puppy and new love into her life.


8. A Year

This person’s recovery from alcohol addiction has advanced significantly since a full year has gone by without a drink.

9. Three Years

This woman has adopted sobriety and enhanced her general health over a three-year journey.

10. Ninety-Day Period

Thanks to overcoming addiction, this person has recovered from pneumonia and cardiac arrest in just ninety-days. This is a major improvement in their health.

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