Heartbroken Gary Sinise mourning sudden death of son, 33

The cherished Forrest Gump star, Gary Sinise, just announced the heartbreaking news of his son’s demise on his Instagram page and the website of the Gary Sinise Foundation. McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, 33, passed away from cancer.

In the middle of 2018, Mac received a preliminary diagnosis of Chordoma, a rare kind of cancer. Only three months had passed since his mother’s stage three breast cancer diagnosis. Mac’s mother Moira was successfully treated, but regrettably, as time went on, his health deteriorated and became more difficult to manage.

Gary conveyed his deep sorrow over his devoted son’s passing.

We are devastated and have been coping as best we can, just like any other family that has experienced such a loss. It is really tough for parents to lose a kid. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has experienced a comparable loss or who has lost a loved one. Everybody has encountered it in some capacity. I have met a great deal of the families of our fallen soldiers over the years. It’s so difficult and heartbreaking,” the actor wrote, clearly brokenhearted.

“Our family’s five and a half-year cancer struggle became more difficult as time went on. We are impressed and affected by Mac’s bravery in handling his disease, and even though our hearts hurt from missing him, we find solace in the knowledge that he is no longer in pain. He never gave up on his courageous battle against a cancer for which there is no recognized treatment,” he said.

On Instagram, a number of celebrities left supportive remarks for Gary and his family.

Mac’s path was also distinguished by his commitment to his passions; he worked as an assistant manager of outreach and education at the Gary Sinise Foundation and followed music with great fervor till the end of his life. He played in the Lt. Dan Band alongside his father and was a skilled drummer. Mac’s spirit persisted in the face of extreme health difficulties, including five spine operations and paralysis from the waist down; just before his death, he finished the record Resurrection & Revival.


Mac received recognition for his songwriting and composition studies at the University of Southern California. His dedication to his work was apparent all the way to the finish.

According to Gary, the Mac Sinise: Resurrection and Revival CD will be issued and pressed on vinyl thanks to the family’s efforts.

On January 5, Mac was buried. We are sending Gary Sinise and his family our sincerest sympathies during this difficult time. They are in our prayers and thoughts.

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