Black Couple Fosters a Boy No One Wanted to Adopt, Learning Love Has No Color

Finally, a 12-year-old foster child was placed in a permanent family. His best friend’s family chose to adopt him when his second adoption fell through.

Andrew, a 12-year-old foster youngster who had spent roughly six years in foster care, found a home in Tennessee in 2018.

The kind couple, Kevin and Dominique Gill, revealed in a Today interview that Andrew’s four siblings were adopted when his parents’ parental rights were revoked.

Andrew was left to wait for his forever home when his siblings were adopted. The small kid was fostered by Kevin and Dominique, who gave him a chance at happiness after he had been in foster care for a number of years.

The couple had anticipated that Andrew would be ecstatic, but his first week was anything but. The ten-year-old youngster, Dominique revealed, was a solitary person who would always sit in his room with the door closed.

Every time, Andrew would yell and shove the couple apart. Nevertheless, Kevin and Dominique chose to persevere with the boy despite their awareness of his past struggles. They gave him all the affection and attention he required to feel at ease.

Apart from the affection and nurturing he got from the couple, Andrew also forged a strong bond with their son, Joc. Among the many things the two boys had in common was their passion for playing computer games, particularly Minecraft.

Joc and Andrew also enjoyed Pop-Tarts and other munchies. That sparked the friendship that helped the foster child find a new family and a permanent home.

Andrew left the Gills family after more than a year, but he and Joc stayed in touch. As Dominique and Kevin had no intention of adopting a child, they made the decision to assist Andrew in finding a new home.

Andrew and Joc talk about being brothers.  | Photo:

Joc and Andrew discuss their brotherhood. | Image:

However, Kevin and Dominique realized Andrew belonged to them after the boy’s second adoption fell through. Andrew received the surprise of his life one day.


He turned around as he and Youth Villages Counselor Molly Parker strolled around the park and recognized folks carrying balloons and signs.

Upon being asked by the Gills family if he would like to join them, Andrew immediately responded in the affirmative.

Kevin and Dominique Gill talk about adopting Andrew | Photo:

Dominique Gill and Kevin discuss adopting Andrew | Image:

The youngster never stopped being appreciative of the Gills family for accepting him instead of abandoning him. Dominique said to Today that although she knew Andrew was a nice kid who had gone through a lot of hardship, she saw that others frequently shied away from reading his file.

The woman also remarked that “love has no color.” Dominique said that Andrew was their son in the same way as Joc was. He was now an integral part of the family.

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