As Sissy Spacek celebrates her 73rd birthday, she knows that her biggest gift in life is the love and support of her one and only, Jack Fisk.

Sissy Fisk, who has been married for 50 years, is 73 years old. The pair is content with their peaceful farm life and doesn’t regret leaving their hectic city life behind in favor of a more laid-back one.


Despite her fame in Hollywood as a singer and actress, Sissy Spacek and her husband Jack Fisk, who has been married for 50 years, have one of the strongest and longest marriages.

Recently, the couple transformed their barn into a recording and painting studio. Spacek exclaimed about her husband, calling him an amazing artist who had taught her so much.


The actress attributes her enormous success to her marriage to her husband as well as her choice to relocate to a farm.

She claimed that because they both have a strong understanding of one another’s motivations and interests, they support one another in pursuing their passions.


Spacek is incredibly thankful to be in her seventieth year of life and to be in a vibrant partnership, despite the startling speed at which time has passed.

Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk in California in 2013. | Source: Getty Images

The actress also enjoys allowing her creative side to run wild in her garden. She proudly declared that her hard work has resulted in her garden’s beauty, revealing that she has been adding woodbox trees and peonies to it.


Spacek genuinely enjoys her peaceful existence on the farm; she especially enjoys taking in her surroundings while sitting on her porch with her battery-powered fan turned on.

In addition to enjoying her gorgeous home, Spacek says she thinks her husband’s sense of humor is “so good it’s bad.”

When asked how her relationship with her daughters has altered now that she will turn 73 on Christmas Day, the actress said that their roles have switched and they are now the ones who take care of her.

The actress listed a few situations in which her kids had assisted and said that every time they arrive at the airport, they will show the route to the gates.

However, in general, her kids take care of her since they value the life they had while growing up. Spacek claimed that her youngest is a visual artist, much like her father, and that her eldest, Schulyer, took after her and has a wonderful singing voice.

Their family’s best decision was to move from the city to the farm.
Spacek and her husband sold their Topanga Cayonon house and moved to a rural area of Virginia during the height of their celebrity.

To escape Hollywood and live a more sedate life, the couple purchased a property in Virginia. Spacek made the choice because she wanted to offer her girls a regular childhood, in addition to their own sanity.

The actress wanted her kids and husband to experience a different, more tranquil existence after realizing how easy it was to become engrossed in a “movie star life.”

Spacek stated that she needed to have a typical life and interact with “normal people,” and she complies. The actress helps train the horses she and Fisk maintain and purchases her own groceries despite her notoriety.

Her children and marriage both benefited greatly from moving to the farm. Her children experienced a rooted upbringing and learned what it’s like to play outside with “dirt between their toes,” and she was able to spend more time with Fisk.

The mother of two also valued providing her kids with a childhood free from the media’s constant criticism so they may make errors.

The enduring pair first connected during the 1972 “Badlands” film shoot, when she was playing the lead role and Fisk was constructing the set. The actress claimed that she and her spouse did not really believe in marriage; in fact, they put $30 in their bank account after getting married because that was the amount required to file for divorce.

However, Spacek and Fisk just grew stronger, and now they can’t possibly imagine living apart, thus that $30 never came in use. The actress remarked, “At this point, I think it would take something dramatic like death to end it.”

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