After 30 years of marriage, just as she imagined enjoying good times in her second youth, she was surprised with an unexpected divorce

After thirty years of marriage, Violeta had an unexpected divorce, just as she had hoped to look back on happy memories of her second youth. The only things that might bring her happiness back were hope and optimism.

“I’ve been considering writing to you for a while now. I felt embarrassed and lacked bravery, but I have since resigned.

My spouse showed me excellent behavior and was really attentive. When our children graduated from school and we watched them get married, we wanted to relive the romanticism of our childhood. We wanted to build a house in the mountains so that we might retire later in life.

My spouse indicated he wanted to talk to me during a television watching session two years ago.

I had no idea he would break the terrible news to me. He discreetly admitted to being in love. nevertheless, not with me.She is a student, he told me softly, and they have been dating for a while. He also expressed his desire to move in with her.

I was fortunately seated in the armchair. I didn’t even have the guts to question him or confront him and demand answers. I could only tremble and say, “Okay, but what about me?” through my sobs.

The very next day, he packed his belongings and moved out. Even though I was angry, I was unable to blame the female who was capturing his interest.

My main regret was letting him go and failing to witness his metamorphosis. I received a divorce notice shortly after that. I was in so much agony. The kids accused me of being too lenient with him. But I didn’t think it was worth battling for him.

I thought he would come to regret the choice. I started a new life as well. I was searching solely for serenity, not for anyone else, to fill the emptiness in my soul. I made new friends, traveled, and strengthened my relationships with my loved ones. I had the best feeling while he was away.

It took a while for my husband to return home in peace because nobody knew anything about him during that time. I was sorry for the man. He looked awful and was sick. He wanted us to get back together.

That’s when I started to get irritated and realized how much anguish he had given me. I’d been his “poor weather cloak.”

He smiled and acted with the same poise as when he informed me he was in love with someone else when I asked him to leave my house. I informed him that the woman he loved so much and for whom he abruptly left his family is next to him in heaven.

He is single, no longer lives with her, and is still working on making amends with the children.

Even yet, I would never get married as I live a life of responsibility and value every moment I spend with my grandchildren. Because it’s still worthwhile to live a nice, responsible, and tranquil life at 55.

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