You Need to Watch This Incredible Performance by a US Marine

We all hold our military troops in the highest regard. We will never be able to properly recompense them for all that they have given up to ensure our freedom. It is crucial that we express our gratitude to them on a daily basis, not only on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

(VIDEO)America Should Listen to This Marine Because He Will Send Chills Down Your Spine -

I want to share with you a remarkable performance of a US Marine singing “God Bless America” that will give you chills, a sense of pride, and an indisputable amount of energy. This film serves as a potent reminder of the great admiration we have for our armed forces.

I knew this soldier would be unique as soon as I heard about his singing. However, I was unaware of how unique. There is nothing like this performance that you have ever seen. You will want to give this Marine a salute and shake his hand at the end. You’ll also experience a strong sense of patriotism.

“God Bless America” is a memorable historical phrase. Irving Berlin originally penned it as a prayer. This prayer came to life via singing in 1938 thanks to the gifted Kate Smith. I strongly advise getting to know Kate Smith if you’re not already. She left a lasting impression on American culture and patriotism, earning her the nickname “First Lady of Radio.”

The man behind “God Bless America,” Irving Berlin, is a legendary figure. Born in Russia as “Israel Beilin,” he immigrated to the United States at an early age. He had penned hundreds of songs by the time he was thirty, several of which went on to become big blockbusters. He wrote almost 1,500 songs in his career and was nominated for eight Academy Awards for his work in Hollywood films and Broadway plays.

I now extend an invitation for you to view this film and experience the evident pride and electrifying enthusiasm that this Marine exudes. Watch out for the amazing scene that starts at 1:48; it will undoubtedly cause you to get up. Indeed, God bless America. Amen.

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