(VIDEO) Willie Nelson’s Son Sings ‘Always on My Mind’ and Holy Cow… He Sounds Like His Dad

An ordinary musician is not Lukas Nelson. He is the renowned Willie Nelson’s son, and my goodness, does he sound just like his dad! Lukas is now on a national tour with his rock and roll group, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real.

Lukas and his band recently gave a fortunate group of fans an amazing performance at a modest location. The energy was high as fans were anticipating their favorite tunes.

A fan made a unique request of Lukas during the performance: to sing the popular song “Always on My Mind,” which belonged to his father. Lukas gladly took up the challenge, and his rustic voice filled the room the moment the music began. It seemed as though Willie was present in the space.

With the help of an amazing backing band and a gifted pianist, Lukas’s performance took center stage. However, the audience was caught off guard by a poignant trumpet solo that occurred during the song’s solemn section. The music reached new heights and enthralled everyone in the space.

The whistle then blew. Lukas whistled perfectly to the music, and the audience cheered. Everyone was jubilant and full of respect for this remarkable skill. As the audience saw Lukas’s evident bond with his father’s music, they couldn’t help but grin.

Even though Willie Nelson released “Always on My Mind” more than 35 years ago, fans of western and country music continue to find it appealing. It’s evident that Willie taught his son how to play the instrument, and Lukas is on track to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a celebrity in his own right.

Watch this incredible performance here:

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