Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: A Beautiful Love Story and Talented Daughters

A Heartfelt Love Story

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, a power couple in the entertainment industry, have captured the hearts of many with their incredible love story. When Nicole and Keith first met in 2005, Nicole was secretly engaged, but Keith gradually won her over. Their love deepened over time, and three months later they got engaged. In June 2006, they tied the knot in a magnificent ceremony held in Sydney, Australia.

The entrance of their gorgeous daughters

Nicole and Keith have two beautiful daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. The couple was overjoyed when Sunday Rose was born in Nashville on July 7, 2008. Following the birth of their second child, Faith Margaret, on December 28, 2010, the couple decided to keep the details of the birth a secret for some time. When they eventually announced their second blessing and expressed gratitude to God for gifting them baby Faith Margaret, their happiness was contagious.

Providing a Unique Upbringing

As parents, Nicole and Keith place a great importance on providing their children with a loving and prosperous upbringing. They have established some guidelines, such as prohibiting laptops and televisions from being in their daughters’ beds, in order to foster growth and development. Keith believes Nicole is an excellent mother and appreciates their girls’ individuality. He considers his children fortunate to have Nicole as a mother and cherishes the time he has spent raising her.

Promising Futures for Intelligent Daughters


Using the abilities their parents taught them, Sunday and Faith are making their own mark on the world. While Faith, affectionately known as “Fifi” by her family, has already landed her first voice-over part in Angry Birds 2, Sunday has shown her desire to become a director. Though Nicole understands that it might be challenging to raise kids who have similar goals, she believes it is crucial to support their interests. She stresses the importance of letting children discover their passions and offering them kind direction along the way.

Value of Family Time


Notwithstanding their busy schedules and many residences spread across different cities, Nicole and Keith place a great importance on spending quality time with their girls. They just sold their Nashville house and now spend most of their time on their family property in Australia. Keith’s kids often accompany him on stage when he performs, creating an unforgettable and thrilling experience for his family as well as fans. This serves as a poignant reminder that the secret to finding true happiness is to spend time with those you love.


Capturing Beautiful Moments with Camera

Nicole and Keith occasionally share heartwarming experiences with their followers, but they always take care to maintain their daughters’ privacy. In honor of Faith Margaret’s ninth birthday and as a token of her love for her younger sister, Nicole posted a picture of Faith Margaret as a newborn on Instagram. These intimate glimpses into their family life show how committed they are to giving their girls a nurturing environment. Nicole and Keith are not only accomplished professionals, but they also serve as role models for family commitment.

Paying Tribute to a Special Family

If you love the Kidman-Urban family, take a moment to respect the paths their talented daughters have chosen and the love that binds this extraordinary family. Tell people about their wonderful story of wealth, love, and family. Let’s celebrate the amazing achievements and steadfast love that the Kidman-Urban family has in common.

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