Kristi Noem Defends Controversial Decision to Euthanize Unruly Hunting Puppy

South Dakota’s governor, Kristi Noem, has come under fire for disclosing in a forthcoming book that she killed her “untrainable” pet, Cricket. The 52-year-old politician posted on social media to explain and defend her decision in response to the criticism.

In her book “No Going Back,” Noem relates the story of Cricket, a hunting dog that she deemed “less than worthless” for her planned use. The governor emphasized that the book is a genuine and personal summary of her experiences, including failures, tough decisions, and lessons learned.

Noem went on to say that she believed sincerity to be an essential quality in a leader. Relying on her own experience as South Dakota’s governor during the COVID-19 pandemic, she asserted that people look for leaders that embrace challenges and are willing to take lessons from the past. She wants every reader of her book to know how dedicated she is to acting in the best interests of the people in her life.

In response to complaints of Cricket’s euthanasia, Noem noted that South Dakota law permits the execution of canines who attack and kill animals. She made it clear that Cricket’s violent actions, particularly his biting of people, had a final say in her choice.

Noem went to great lengths to emphasize how seriously she takes her responsibilities as a legislator and a rancher. No matter how difficult or unpleasant the circumstances, she is adamant about upholding the law and doing her obligations. She emphasized that there are times when doing the right thing is more important than going the easy road, even though she acknowledged that it was not an easy decision.


A section of Noem’s book that describes Cricket’s naughty behavior during a hunting trip—including her disregard for instructions and her pursuit of birds—was published by The Guardian. Things spiraled out of control when the dog attacked and killed several of the residents’ fowl. When Noem saw how vicious and deadly Cricket could be, she had to make the painful decision to put her to death.

Even though Noem was receiving criticism for her actions, she tried to defend herself by stating that tough decisions are an unfortunate part of life on a farm. She disclosed that her family had just had to put three horses that they had owned for 25 years to death. The governor further hinted that her book would feature this incident as well as other “politically incorrect” ones.

As the issue grows, Kristi Noem remains steadfast in her belief that excellent pet management and leadership require the ability to make difficult decisions. Even while not everyone will agree with her choice, she believes that her next book will provide readers with insight into her experiences, values, and personal growth.

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