Father Prioritizes Dog Over Son: Chooses to Carry Pet Instead

Man’s closest friend is a dog, and occasionally that bond can take center stage. A man chose to stroll with his dog in tow while his little son walked next to him in a recently popular video. Luz Elena recorded the video from her car and posted it on TikTok, which started a discussion on priorities. Does this imply that the dog is the child’s inferior? Let’s explore the conversation taking place on TikTok.

Father Prioritizes Dog Over Son: Chooses to Carry Pet Instead -

Social media users took to the video right after, giving it over 4 million views and 5,000 comments. Unexpectedly, a lot of people agreed with the father’s choice. One person even said that the child needed to wear decent tennis shoes if his legs hurt. It’s clear that dads like their pets, and there are moments when it’s difficult to decide between the two.

Strange as it may sound, people tend to show their affection for their dogs more publicly than for their kids. Pets are very valuable to us, even though the decision isn’t always as simple as this video suggests. In fact, one individual said they would adopt a collection of dogs when asked to choose between their pet and child. Their devotion for their dog is unrivaled, despite their love for their children. They continued by describing the simple, unconditional love that pets give, which begs the fascinating question of what psychology is involved in our love of animals.

Medical expert Dr. Julian Lagoy provides some insight into this occurrence. He says you can love your pet more than your kids because pets are less dramatic and stressful overall. Taking care of a pet is also less complicated than taking care of a human child. Given their reputation for friendship, it makes sense that dogs and cats would arouse such intense feelings in their owners.

But putting your pet above your child could be a sign of a more serious problem that calls for expert assistance. If, according to Dr. Lagoy, you routinely give your pet more attention and priority than your child, it could be wise to consult a mental health specialist. They can offer a secure and accepting environment, giving you the resources and encouragement you need to deal with any underlying problems.

In the end, Dr. Lagoy tells parents that it’s acceptable to sometimes feel a stronger bond with their dogs than with their kids. It makes sense to recognize the steadfast devotion and uncomplicated nature of a pet’s love when one is confronted with difficult conduct from their children. It’s important to investigate the causes of your habitual preference for your dog over your child and focus on improving your bond with them, though, if you find yourself doing so.

In conclusion, if you occasionally find yourself enjoying your dog more than your child, there’s no reason to feel bad about it. Dogs are, after all, man’s best friend. But keep in mind that it’s crucial to foster your bond with your child and make sure they get the affection and attention they merit.

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