A Heartwarming Gesture Fulfills a Dying Woman’s Last Wish

Many of us have fear associated with becoming older. It is unnerving to consider that we can become less independent and depend on others to do necessities. But one woman, Maria, who was spending her last days in a care home, found comfort in a kind act from an unexpected person.

Maria had been a singing and piano instructor her entire life, therefore she had a deep love for music. She missed having the songs she had loved for so long all around her. Luckily, she ran across Joshua Woodard, a former pupil of hers who was now employed at her Austinburg, Ohio, care facility.

Before Maria died away, Joshua was eager to fulfill her last wish, which was to hear the song “How Great Thou Art.” With the song’s lyrics on his phone in hand, he gave Maria a moving performance of her all-time favorite. The teacher-student relationship was restored in that happy, nostalgic moment after all those years.

This lovely deed of generosity wasn’t overlooked. Witness Marti Adkins Redmond described Joshua as a remarkable hospice aide and commended him for his outstanding care. She highlighted the amazing bond between Joshua, the former pupil of Maria, the music instructor.

Maria is sadly no longer with us, which heightens the poignancy of this clip. It acts as a reminder of the committed employees that provide nonstop care for our aging loved ones. Let’s show our appreciation for their dedication by showing our friends this lovely video on Facebook.

Check out the moving video below:

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