Veganism Controversy Erupts After TikToker Denied Service

It’s not always easy to follow a vegan diet. It can, as Amie-Beth Stedman discovered firsthand, occasionally complicate your life in ways you weren’t expecting. She lived in Essex, England, and was looking forward to spending the evening with a friend. They decided to go to a nearby restaurant named Sheesh since they wanted to go somewhere positive. The sole issue? Sheesh is a barbecue restaurant, and Stedman is a vegan. It should be obvious where this plot is going.

Stedman had tried before to go to Sheesh and try to order a few sides. She likes to mix and match smaller menu items, so this is usually how she orders her food. But when she came in earlier, the restaurant wouldn’t let her limit her order to the sides. She made the decision to phone ahead this time to ask if they could accommodate her after learning from her previous experience. She had no idea that this would just make her feel even more let down.

Stedman went to the restaurant and explained her position, hoping they would be understanding and let her order some of the sides. Still, she didn’t get a very accommodating reaction. The person on the other end of the call remarked, “It’s unclear why a vegan would want to visit our restaurant in the first place.” They not only showed an astonishing degree of disrespect, but they also declined to accommodate vegetarians.

Stedman was so frustrated with her experience that she made a video and posted it on TikTok. She wanted to let others know that Sheesh not only didn’t have many vegan alternatives, but also didn’t treat her well. Her video received a lot of attention, with many users agreeing that in this day and age, any restaurant ought to be vegan-friendly.

Even though following a vegan diet might occasionally be difficult, it’s vital to keep in mind that many eateries and businesses aim to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements. In the future, let’s hope that more establishments will value inclusivity and acknowledge the rising demand for vegan menu items.

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