Rod Stewart Mourns the Loss of His Beloved Brothers

Famous singer Rod Stewart is all too familiar with how intensely personal and difficult losing a loved one can be. Only months after his brother, Don, passed away, Rod recently announced the death of his brother Bob, and he is currently processing the complicated feelings of bereavement.

Rod shared his sadness and desire for his brothers to be together in the afterlife and to play football together in a poignant Instagram post. “It is with deep sorrow that I announce my brother Bob’s passing last night. He has joined my brother Don on the magnificent football field in the sky,” he said.

The well-known British rock and pop singer has experienced extreme hardship due to the sudden deaths of two close pals. “Irreplaceable buddies,” Rod referred to Don and Bob, and he lamented, “I’ve lost two of my best mates in the space of two months.” God bless Don and Bob.

Rod emphasized in his autobiography, “Rod: The Autobiography,” the significance of his siblings in his life. Having grown up with four siblings—of which he now only has his sister Mary left—he conveyed his sincere gratitude for his brothers and sister, calling them incredible throughout his life.

Rod is not only experiencing severe sadness, but he also has health issues. His voice became iconic when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. The effects of his cancer battle persisted even after he recovered from surgery. Rod was thankful he didn’t need chemotherapy and didn’t have to worry about losing his hair, even though he had to relearn how to sing.


Rod surprised his followers in 2016 by disclosing his ongoing struggle with prostate cancer. He made the decision to speak up at a prostate cancer awareness fundraising event after learning of his diagnosis during a routine visit. Thankfully, after that year, he was given the all-clear, highlighting the need of early detection.

The 78-year-old Rod Stewart still performs and inspires people with his fortitude in spite of the enormous adversities he has endured. Let us provide our love and support to him as he grieves the loss of his cherished brothers. Post this article on Facebook to express your support for Rod through this trying time.

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